Main | Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fantasy #8

You arrive to find my door unlocked.

The members of the Supreme Court are already here, and the sex party is in full swing.

On my bed, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sandra Day O'Connor are sharing a large double-ended dildo. Some of the male members of the Court are in the living room, gathered around my large-screen TV, slowly masturbating to "Raiders Of The Lost Arse."

The judges notice your arrival.

Clarence Thomas shoves his hand down your pants and says, 'NOW, I'm ready for some affirmative ACTION!"

William Rehnquist weakly motions you over to his chair. Removing his oxygen mask, he rasps "Call me......Miranda." You step back awkwardly.

Anthony Scalia begins an erotic dance, allowing a brief glance of the leather harness beneath his lavender robes.

There's a loud knocking on the door.

It's John Ashcroft.

I slam the door in his face.


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