Main | Sunday, May 08, 2005

GB:NY2, Ow My Head

It's Sunday morning and my head still hurts.

The gay blogger party at Barrage on Friday night was an unqualified success that started quite respectfully but quickly devolved into drunken, sordid, seamy spectacle.

Sure, at the beginning it was all "Hi, I'm ...." and "Oh, you must be...." and "Isn't that....?".

But within a couple of hours there was groping, there were some cockring comparisons, there were some restroom misbehaviors. There was hot blogger-on-blogger action and some hooking up.

Oh, and Barrage? You may wish to reconsider littering a dimly-lit room with knee-high ottomans. People are drinking and the walls have sharp things on them.

There's no way I can list (or remember) all the people that attended, but if you did, I took about 50 pictures (that are usable). Write me and I'll send you the link.

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