Main | Thursday, June 09, 2005

Capital Appreciation

Pride season is upon us and one of the nice things about living in the Northeast is that now I have a multitude of locations to choose from, when I feel like drunken public carousing in a huge crowd of equally hammered drag queens, bulldaggers, lipsticks, nellyboys, leathermen, bears, cubs, muscle boys, DJs, adorkable geeks, smart bloggers...who am I leaving out? I love my people. Really.

This weekend, I'll be down in DC where Capital Pride will be presenting their backwards events (the parade is on Saturday?) Saturday night is dedicated to Blowoff, way I can miss Bob and Rich at the turntables, but even if I DID, I can catch Bob the next day when he performs at the street festival. Life is good.

(P.S. If you are going be anywhere I am, and wish to buy me alcohol, signify so by reading to the end of this sentence.)


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