Main | Friday, September 09, 2005

Swag Update

It's been Swagapolooza outside Grand Central this week. Among the swagnanza of promo items shoved into my hands by the perky young ad agency interns were:

- A hand fan advertising the U.S. Open, currently underway. I wonder if attendance is down.

- A *totally* free subway map! Which was free! With ads on it! Like every single week!

- A cup of Reise coffee. Which even I, Joe Who Hates Coffee, knows is crap coffee. Only the homeless people were taking it.

- A free New York Times. With a DKNY outer wrap. This, I don't mind taking.

But just now, and the real reason for this post, I was handed a sample of the new Entenmann's Mini. The samples are being unloaded from the back of a Mini Cooper, of course. The car is covered with an Entenmann's logo, of course. My sample turned out to be cell phone sized piece of carrot cake. From my office window I can see them down there, still handing them out. Um, I'll be right back.


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