Main | Friday, October 14, 2005

Minneapolis, Day 3

Line item blogging over WebTV: (Because my miserable laptop won't start. Grrr.)

1. Minneapolis is the cleanest city I've ever been to.

2. The mayor is a total hottie and a nice guy to talk to.

3. The Mary Tyler Moore statue is about 125 feet from my hotel's front door.

4. City Hall is the most beautiful municipal space I've been in, outside of SF's City Hall.

5. Last night I had a blast at The Saloon. Towards the end of the evening, we dropped in at The Gay 90's, a cavernous two-level club which has about 73 rooms, featuring simultaneous drag shows onstage on both levels.

6. What IS this rap song where the chick is saying "Lick my lump, lick my lump"? I've heard it four times and I must have it.

7. Did I mention that the mayor is a hottie?

8. I met a few blog fans and other online friends. Hello to Zurich Horst, St.Paul Andy, Minneapolis Dan,and Disco Ball Brett!

9. The skyway things are cuh-razy!

10. The Minneapolis area known as Uptown, is *south* of Downtown. And that just don't make no kinda sense.


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