Main | Friday, October 07, 2005



Another subway terrorist threat as the government tries to rachet up support for the war. This one suspiciously announced with perfect timing for the evening news to do their breathless stand-ups on the subway steps during rush hour.

This morning, my normally cop-free subway station was crawling wid 'em. One at the top of the stairs, three outside the turnstyles, three more on the platform. The three outside the turnstyles, charged with examining bags, were discussing the Yankees.

Down on the platform, I saw the usual morning crowd, clearly unfazed by the headlines of the papers they held: "Subway Threat", "Train Terror Alert!", and the mocking "Here We Go Again". And what were all these terror-stricken commuters reading? Not the front page, nope. Everybody, and I mean everybody had their noses stuck into stories about the Yankees and the playoffs. As it should be.

The 6 train arrived with passengers jammed up against the glass, as usual. The doors opened, but only a few new passengers could squeeze onboard. Two trains later, I managed to find room for myself.

Mighty New York City glanced down at today's headlines and did what it always does.

It shrugged.


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