Main | Friday, November 11, 2005

Big! Room! Blowoff!

Bob Mould and Rich Morel have just released the schedule for the Blowoff parties through June of 2006, and I am out of my head mit da crazy to see that there are SIX big room parties planned for the 9:30 Club . While I definitely have a blast at the smaller, more intimate Blowoff parties held in that club's basement lounge, the big room party I attended this year was just over the top fun with a sold-out crowd of hot hairy hotties who were hot. Mix-Master Daddies Bob and Rich not only spin, they hit the stage to play their own stuff! I'm making this my first Must-Do of 2006.

EDIT: Bob just pointed out that the January Blowoff coincides with MAL weekend. Oh. My.

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