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Ten days after my post regarding monogamy, an interesting but perhaps predictable phenomenon is observable, at least vis-a-vis the 80+ commenters.

First off, a scant few commented on the relative value of monogamy, and mostly only to reference possible health aspects. I remain unconvinced that enforced monogamy strengthens relationships, or gives them more intensity or value or meaning. In fact, I strongly believe the reverse. For me, people. (But keep the hate mail coming!)

And I'm especially over the prissy disdainful sniffing sissies snidely implying that those who chose non-monogamy are clearly inferior humans who are incapable of even aspiring to a (mythical) higher plane of existence and that those sort of people have never known and will never know real love. Bite me, people. (But keep the hate mail coming!)

To me, the most interesting thing observable from the comments is how obvious the age break is among those that condemn non-monogamy and those that support it, at least as far I as can tell with from what information is gleaned from the commenters themselves, or their blogs.

It seems that somewhere in the mid-30's (again, just my guesstimate), vehement defense of monogamous relationships pretty much evaporates. What shall we call this phenomenon? Relationship fatigue? Futility? Exhaustion? Or do the deepening lines on ones face correspond to a deeper understanding of the male beast? The old saw about age=wisdom springs to mind, but I'm looking for something clever to call it.

C'mon people, come up with something!


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