Main | Tuesday, January 24, 2006


In further tales of the JMG interstate Frappr romance that you may recall having blossomed between two of my readers, this just in:

Hey Joe! Xxxxx and I hung out over the MLK holiday weekend. This time he came up to see me. We're still very much in the physical phase of this relationship, this is only the third weekend we've gotten together so we spent a lot of it fucking around, although I took him sightseeing and we saw Brokeback Mountain so we have cried in front of each other already, which is major, right? Just keeping you posted!

And that's the last time I mention those two until there's a wedding (and I better be invited). In other news, I heard (thirdhand) that two of my NYC readers recently hooked up too, after one recognized the other from his Frappr pic on JMG. Just because I don't go to Escualita doesn't mean you are safe. I hear everything, people.

Our last Frappr-related development is that we now have our first naked picture on the JMG Frappr map. I can only say that this is something that I strongly, strongly Where'd everybody go? Hello...lo....lo....lo? Echo.....echo....echo.

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