Main | Friday, January 13, 2006

Who's Yer (blog) Daddy?

In the beginning, there was Vasco's And Now, Jose'? and it was good. And then Vasco begat Joe.My.God. and it was....strange. And then Joe.My.God. begat CircleInASquare and The Mark Of Kane, and they were good. And then....oh, fuck it. I hate biblical references, don't you? The point of this post, and there actually is one, is to ask this: Who inspired you to blog? What does your blog family tree look like? Who made you and who did you make?

I can only (sniff).... hope... (sniffle, dab eyes).... that Vasco is as proud of me, as I am of my own blogchildren, SuperDaddy and Hamster Boy. If I had a car, I'd have to get me one of those old lady-style bumper stickers: Let Me Tell You About My Blogchildren!


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