Main | Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On The Phone With Joe And Dan

Joe: So, how was your trip to Philly?

Dan: Oh, we had a blast. We were really close to Independence Hall and everything.

Joe: Cool! Did you guys get out to any of the bars?

Dan: Yeah. We checked out that place...Bike Stop...that you told me about. Pretty cool. Nice crowd.

Joe: Yeah, I like-

Dan: Oh, but wait! You are NOT gonna believe who the first person I ran into there when I walked in the door?

Joe: Who?

Dan: It was the doctor that gave me my colostomy back in Florida last month, I mean can you believe the coinci-

Joe: (panicked) WHAT?

Dan: Yeah, of all the places to run into-

Joe: (heart sinking) Dan! What are you talking about? Colostomy? You had a colostomy? You have colon cancer? When did this start? Why didn't you-

Dan: Oh, wait. Not colostomy. What do I mean? You know the thing with the camera...I got it during my annual physical.

Joe: You dumbshit. That's a COLONOSCOPY, Dan. Colonoscopy.

Dan: There's a difference?

Joe: Well, since I'm assuming that your asshole isn't sewn shut right now, yeah there's a difference!

Dan: Oh, whatever. So anyway, we saw the Liberty--

Joe: I hate you.


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