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The Top Of The Rock

I've been meaning to post these photos I took back in November when the new viewing deck, Top Of The Rock, on the 70th floor roof of Rockefeller Center, finally reopened after 19 years. Tickets are $14.00, and after the exceedingly perky staffers quide you through several rope mazes and an opportunity to have your photo taken in front of a giant picture of The Rock ($14.95), you are ushered into a room featuring this rather impressive model.

Above: The model, facing from the 5th Avenue perspective. Note the attention to detail, including the tiny statue of Prometheus, who stands guard above the skating rink.
Above: After viewing the model and several large displays about the history of Rockefeller Center, you are prodded into a screening room, where you view a 13 minute film about the depression-era life of Rockefeller and the construction of the main tower.

Above: After the movie, you get into an elevator with a glass top. The entire shaft is illuminated and if you don't get vertigo staring up as 70 stories rush past you in 45 seconds, you have a stronger gut than I do. Special added branding: NBC sitcom ads are projected onto the glass as you stare up through it. How's that for annoying? (GE/NBC owns Rockefeller Center.) Above: Looking north, one of the best views of Central Park in the city.
Above: Looking northwest, midtown, Hudson River, George Washington Bridge, New Jersey.
Above: The view down towards Times Square.
Above: The viewing decks are on three levels. This lowest level looks towards Queens.
Above: On the top viewing deck, this military-esque looking dome probably is some kind of radar device.
Above: This deck looks south, towards downtown. That's the East River.
Above: Looking southwest, across the Hudson towards Jersey City. The building with the antenna is 4 Times Square.
Above: From the Empire State Building you can't SEE the Empire State Building, making the Top Of The Rock the best view in town, according to some.

Left: Hello Squinty McSquinton! It was early in the morning and I think I was trying to get myself into the shot with the ESB. Not such a good idea. Next time I visit the Top Of The Rock, I'm going to go at night.
Above: As at Disney World, all rides end in the gift shop. I did not purchase any TOTR memorabilia. Aside from the usual shot glasses and sweatshirts, there was also a $75 TOTR Christmas ornament being offered. Um, no thanks.

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