Main | Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mike And Joe On Butt Maintenance

At a unnamed nightclub, where a go-go "boy" is dancing on the bar.....

Mike: Wow, that dancer has an amazing ass!

Joe: Well, they don't let people with saggy butts become go-go boys.

Mike: I know that, but don't you think he has an especially perky butt, I mean, for his age?

Joe: What do you mean "for his age"? He's hardly in his 30's.

Mike: People in their 30's do NOT have butts like that. I think he's had something done to it.

Joe: Honey, it's called Stairmaster.

Mike: Mmm, no I think there's something else going on. I think he's had some of that stuff shot into it.

Joe: Stuff? What stuff?

Mike: You know, Buttox.

Joe: I hate you.

Mike: Ha, ha, ha! Buttox! Get it?

Joe: I hate you.

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