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My Past, Revealed

Yes, it's true, Finnish porn blogger Pete, who authors Roids And Rants, has indeed unearthed a bit of my past, as I realized after getting buried with hits from his site during the night. But I swear, it's not what it looks like. More on this later today, with a photo.

(By the way, in case the words "porn blogger" didn't tip you off, Pete's site is SO totally NOT fucking work safe. Seriously, you're halfway to being fired just reading this disclaimer.)

UPDATE: By now, those of you able to go look should know that despite what Pete considers an "uncanny resemblance", the Colt Model in question is definitely not me. But what is uncanny, and the main reason I linked Pete's post, is that I'm actually friends with said Colt Model. I met "R" (I'm forgetting his professional name at the moment) on the beach in Fort Lauderdale while back home on vacation back in 2000, and he visited me in San Francisco later that year. He's a good man and we've stayed in touch over the years.

And by the way, while most of my friends did question my dallying with a guy almost two decades younger than me, (while simultaneously expressing their jealousy), none of them thought that we looked alike. Here's a picture of us, taken at a nightclub in South Beach in March 2000. Somebody jump-start the Wayback Machine, I'd like my triceps back.

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