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Now! Now! Now!

Yesterday's CBS poll reveals that Bush II's approval rating has now dived to the lowest of his presidency, a mere 34%. Cheney's approval is a laughable-if-it-weren't-so-sad 18%.

Let's flip those numbers for a second, for the benefit of non-Americans out there.

66% of the United States disapproves of their own president. *

82% of the United States disapproves of their vice-president. *

Prisoner abuse. An undeclared war. Wiretapping. Cronyism. Incompetence on an unbelievable scale. The impeachment process HAS GOT TO START NOW! The world cannot wait.


Visit the ACLU's site to learn more about the effort to stop illegal spying on Americans.

Even Wikipedia has a compendium of resources devoted to Bush' impeachment. But this chilling line stands out: "As of March 2006, the United States House of Representatives as a body, has taken no action of any kind toward the impeachment of President Bush, nor have they scheduled any." It's time to change that.

Bloggers, check out the United Coalition Of Blogs For The Impeachment Of George W. Bush.

For those unaware of the process, impeachment is only the beginning of the procedure to removed a sitting president. Impeachment merely means that the House Of Representatives has voted to try the president for crimes against the country. It's worth noting that only two presidents have ever been impeached, and that no impeachment has ever resulted in a president involuntarily leaving office. Nixon resigned before the House could vote on his impeachment. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were both acquitted at their trials.

It's long overdue that this country made some positive history. Today, I'm emailing my Representative. What are you doing? Write to YOUR Representative.

UPDATE: Read this story in the current issue of Harper's Magazine, The Case For Impeachment.

FURTHER UPDATE: The San Francisco Board Of Supervisors calls for Bush's impeachment.

*CORRECTION: In my joy reversing the poll numbers, I forgot to factor out the wishy-washy motherfuckers who don't give two shits about this country and answered the poll: "neither approve nor disapprove". The total "disapproval" numbers are actually lower. Sorry folks.

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