Main | Monday, April 17, 2006


Please feel free to call the Liberty Counsel in Orlando, if you any questions about becoming an Ex-Gay. The number is 800-671-1776. The Liberty Counsel is launching their "Change Is Possible" campaign and is encouraging good Xtian students to attempt to thwart diversity and safe zone policies at their high schools by putting up anti-gay posters and distributing literature that warns (among other things) that "Acting out on same-sex attractions has devastating psychological effects, including increased drug and alcohol abuse."

That number again is 800-671-1776. There's a phone sitting right there on your desk, right? You've got questions, right? I mean, even if you aren't interested in becoming an Ex-Gay, you like to chat on the phone, right? 800-671-1776. It's a free call. I know I have some questions and I'm sure you do too. You might start by asking them how many teen suicides their campaign will cause.


UPDATE: Try PFOX's spokesperson, Regina Griggs at 703-360-2225 or Ask her whether she'll feel badly when teenagers kill themselves because she shamed them into doing it. Bet she won't.

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