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Friday Mailbag, April 14th 2006

Today's mailbag theme: The Hills Have Eyes

What's up Joe?

Just finished up with your Black Party posts and my BF and I finally realized that YOU were the guy that was sitting behind that castle thing writing things down during Buck Angel's second show. You were dancing next to us later on, you were with a bunch of Asian guys. I never knew you were so short, but I guess I hadn't thought about it. Anyway, next year we'll definitely say hello.

Allen and Alan in Albany (TripleAAA on Bear411)

JMG: TripleAAA - I am over 5'7". That's not all that short.


Hey Joe!

A long time ago you told me to check it out [JMG], and I did, but I only became a "regular" over the past few months or so. My boyfriend Scott has been reading your blog for at least a year. When he brought that to my attention, I was like "Oh, Joe? I did him...Uh, I mean, Oh, Joe? I know him--he's an old friend."

Anyway, since then we have both been reading and discussing your blog quite frequently. We were both disappointed that you didn't win that "Bloggy" award. (Is that what it's called?) Anyway, it's fun to keep up with your goings on through your blog. You never fail to amuse me, move me emotionally or just make me think. Thanks for that.


JMG: Thanks Mike! When do I get to make "friends" with Scott?


Dear Joe,

I don't read that many blogs (i'm a law student--not a lot of free time on my hands), but I recently came across your blog and try to read it whenever I can. If I recall correctly, you live on the upper east side, as do I. Usually I would think nothing of it but today when I was sitting in my bedroom (I'm on east XXth street) and I noticed 2 men taking pictures on the roof of the building next to me (my bedroom is on the same level as the roof of the apt building on XXth street).

I think I recognized one of the men as you, although I am not sure. I didn't want to stick my head out of the window, but I was just curious to see if it was you or not. If it is, hello neighbor! Anyway, you have a great blog that definitely helps pass the time in class.

-- Ru

JMG: Ru, yes that was me. My buddy Eddie and I decided to update our blog photos and since it was such a nice afternoon, we took to the roof of my building. The old JMG pic was taken in Dec. 2004 and although I've posted plenty of photos of myself over the last year, I was way overdue to make a change. Just wondering, can you see into my apartment? Cuz that would be hot.

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