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My Favorite Texans

My two favorite Texans have a lot in common. They are both handsome 30-ish men, they are both academians, they both toil in the Texan university system, they are both very, very smart, and they are both on my blogroll.

Please drop on in my favorite queer theorist, the GayProf, at Center Of Gravitas, where he riffs on the generational divides that often blockade unity among gay folks, in a brilliant article titled Mind The Gap. If the GayProf is already viewed as an anachronism of gay activism by his students at his age of 31, they would probably think that I was from another dimension.

Less social scientist, more hard-data empiricist, is my real-life drinking pal Dagon, who authors At The Mountains Of Madness, and is currently on a Manhattan hiatus, loaning his talents temporarily (we all hope) to the University Of Texas. Go read Dagon's funny and frightening take on disease, overpopulation, and Andrew Sullivan in a post titled I Believe That Corpses Are The Future.

Mosey on over to Texas, but y'all come back now, ya hear?

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