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NY Post Gives Good Head

On occasion, I read the NY Post. Yes, it's right wing. Yes, it's written at the 3rd-grade level. But the headlines! The headlines kill, they just kill. Most of you have probably heard of their most famous headline, Headless Body Found In Topless Bar. That one even spawned a movie.

For the last few days, I've gotten a kick from their headlines about the elderly woman who was roughed up by her transexual daughter, in a case the Post has dubbed Tranny-Trauma Mama.

But today, the Post headline writers have outdone themselves. You may be familiar with the case of Dan Hoyt, Manhattan's famed raw foods chef and restaurateur, who's been repeatedly caught masturbating on the subway, including by one swift-thinking woman who took his picture with her cellphone. Hoyt has been remarkably unrepentant, telling a Post reporter who asked him if he thought women secretly wanted it, "She may hate me. She may like me and want to go home with me. It's her call." He even wanted the cellphone woman charged with a crime, noting that it's illegal to take pictures on the subway. Amazing. Yesterday, the judge slapped him on the wrist with two years probation and a warning not to do it again, despite the protests of a group of women who all claim to be his victims.

Today's NY Post headline about Hoyt is here. I'm don't want to give it away.

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