Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Adam Lambert - Play That Funky Music

Another killer performance from our boy Adam Lambert. There's still eight weeks left in the competition, but at this point it seems the show is his to lose.

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Vermont Marriage Bill Advances

Today the Vermont House Judiciary Committee voted 8-2 to advance their marriage equality bill to a full House vote. However, an amendment was added to the bill which stipulates specific exemptions for religious institutions that do not wish to perform same-sex weddings. This means that upon the bill's approval by the full Vermont House, it must either return to the state Senate for re-approval or be approved by a joint chamber committee. The Senate approved the first version of the bill last week.

And round and round we go.

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April Fool's Virus Alert

CNET, Symantec, Microsoft and other computer sites are warning of an April Fool's Day virus which is supposed go global tomorrow.
A giant computer worm is set to take effect on April Fools' Day and your computer may already be infected. The Conficker computer worm is estimated to have already infiltrated between 5 and 10 million computers across the country. Tech experts said many of the infected machines are set to begin "phoning home" to the worm's creators over the Internet on April 1. When that happens, the people behind it will be able to get the rogue program to send spam, more viruses, clog network traffic or even crash Web sites. Technology analysts said the worm exploits a vulnerability in a number of Windows operating systems, inlcuding XP and Vista. No one knows exactly what it will do but some analysts said it could collect passwords and bank account information or try to get computer users to buy fake software.
Anti-virus sites like McAfee have posted free patches to protect against the Conficker worm. (Please, no smug lectures from Apple bottoms. For once.)

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Kathy Griffin's Norma Rae Moment

Kathy Griffin appeared at the conclusion of a cross-state march for marriage equality in Sacramento to reference Sally Fields' Oscar-winning "UNION" moment in Norma Rae. That bit starts at 6:30.

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Swag Tuesday

Courtesy of Kensington Publishing and the author, today's Swag Tuesday prize is an autographed copy of Straight Lies, the latest novel from Lambda Literary Award winner Rob Byrnes.
STRAIGHT LIES is the story of a pair of small-time gay criminals who learn about a sex tape proving that the world's hottest openly gay celebrity is actually heterosexual. What should be a simple plan -- retrieve the tape, blackmail the celebrity, and live happily ever after -- gets complicated when the tape is left in the back of a cab. That sets in motion a madcap crime caper involving a tabloid gossip editor; a lesbian realtor and her spoiled girlfriend; a cop who is also an Internet predator, an alcoholic ex-cabbie, a boy toy whose IQ might be smaller than his waist size; a shallow social climber who has never crossed a bridge he didn't burn, and Tori Spelling.
We have three autographed copies of Straight Lies to give away. Enter to win by commenting on this post. Only enter once and please remember to leave an email address that you check frequently. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday, west coast time. Publicists: if you'd like to take part in Swag Tuesday on JMG, please email me.

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Westboro Pickets White House

Yesterday the Westboro Baptist Church picketed the White House in their continuing national tour to drum up support for the LGBT movement. Every time they appear, thousands more come to our side. Go Westboro!

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Lesbian "Scandal" At Oprah's School

Tabloids are lighting up about the latest "scandal" at Oprah Winfrey's all-girl boarding school in Africa.
Oprah Winfrey's elite boarding school for girls in South Africa has been rocked by its second sex scandal in fewer than two years. Seven students were suspended last week for sexually harassing their schoolmates, the "Afrikaans on Sunday" newspaper reported. One 15-year-old was accused of preying on another pupil and forcing other girls to lie to investigators about it, the paper reported. "You have been found guilty of physical contact of a sexual nature with another pupil on campus, harassment, bullying other girls on campus and of being dishonest by not telling investigators the whole truth," a letter to her parents read. Other girls were caught fondling each other or trying to get other girls to join them in lesbian liasons, the paper reported. Oprah's spokesperson, Lisa Halliday, confirmed the girls had been suspended from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy School for Girls - but gave few details. "It is because they contravened the school's code of conduct," she said. "We regard the incident as confidential."
The NY Daily News calls the story an "outrage." Really? Outrage? Hasn't same-sex hanky-panky been the hallmark of boarding schools since the dawn of time?

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If Atheists Ruled The World

"All text taken directly from online Christian fundamentalist forums."

(Via JMG reader Mike)

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Drag Activism At FL High School

Openly gay Ocala, Florida high school student Justin Reynolds was well-received by his fellow students last week when he appeared for classes in (very casual) drag as way to highlight gender identity discrimination. But the school sent him home anyway.
Inside the halls of any typical American public high school, the outfit would hardly be construed as outlandish: a V-neck T-shirt, blue jeans and high-heeled boots, accentuated by earrings and a necklace. Worn by a male student, however, the outfit might raise some eyebrows. That's what it did at Dunnellon High School, where last week 11th-grader Justin Reynolds showed up at school dressed that way, sporting eyeliner and mascara as well. His appearance led to his early dismissal by school administrators.

"It wasn't anything overdramatic," Reynolds said of his attire. "It's an expression of yourself, no matter what. To dress out of your own gender shouldn't be anything." The 16-year-old student, who is gay, said he first ran the idea by his teacher a day beforehand. She discouraged it but gave him the opportunity to address his classmates that morning. "A lot of people responded to it well. I didn't think I was causing that much of a disruption," Reynolds said, recalling the cheers and high-fives that greeted him, especially after he spoke in tribute to Gwen Araujo, a transgender California teen brutally murdered in October 2002.
According to a school administrator, the Marion County Code of Student Conduct "clearly states" that students must dress in a manner appropriate to their gender. Reynolds points out that the lesbians at his school "dress like boys" whenever they like, with no repercussions.

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Today In Weirdness

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West Virginia's Marriage Ban Fails

For this year at least, West Virginia will not become the 31st state to outlaw same-sex marriage.
The possibility of a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in West Virginia is over for this legislative session. On Monday, Republicans in the House of Delegates tried to advance a bipartisan resolution that would define marriage in the state constitution, but the Democratic majority blocked their attempts. The "Marriage Protection Amendment" resolution (HJR5) introduced last month calls for a statewide referendum on whether to amend the constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. The measure has been stuck in the House Constitutional Revision Committee. On Monday, House Minority Leader Tim Armstead tried bring the resolution to the floor for a vote by moving to discharge it from committee.
The vote came down 67-30, almost entirely along state House party lines.

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Hey Bagpipe

Grand Central, Monday, 7pm

A lone bagpiper in full Highlander drag is playing an unrecognizable tune in the S-train passageway....

MTA Worker: Bagpipe! You ain't shit. Fuck this. Hey bagpipe! Where the beat at? Fuck bagpipes. Hey Norway! Fuck this. Hey bagpipe!

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Howard Dean Calls On Vermont To Approve Marriage Equality

Former Vermont governor Howard Dean appeared before LGBT activists yesterday to demand that Vermont approve its pending marriage equality bill.
A boisterous crowd cheered former Gov. Howard Dean's support of Freedom to Marry legislation and health care reform Saturday at a Vermont Democratic Party reception at the Hilton Burlington. Dean's emotional endorsement of both issues headlined his acceptance of the 10 annual David W. Curtis Award. The event celebrated Dean's tenure as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee -- and his 50-state strategy that is credited for helping return the party to power in Congress, and for President Barack Obama's victory. Dean urged Vermont party members to press forward in this year's legislative drive to grant marriage rights to all Vermonters, regardless of gender. "Vote your conscience, not your district," he advised legislators. "Stand up for doing the right thing; for being a human being," he continued. "Put human rights above politics -- because if you don't, you'll regret it for the rest of your political career." Conservatives, he said, should note that the first American soldier to "take a bullet" at the onset of the current war in Iraq was a gay man.
Current Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas has threatened to veto the bill if it gets to his desk.

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PhoboQuotable - Lou Sheldon

"San Francisco Values Democrat Ellen Tauscher (CA) has introduced H.R. 1283, the “Military Readiness Enhancement Act Of 2009.” She already has 136 co-sponsors. Her misnamed bill should be called the “Legalization Of Sodomy On The Battlefield And Barracks Act” to more accurately describe what the legislation will legalize. [snip]

"This will open up the possibility that every sexual orientation could be legalized in the military! This will include cross-dressing and transsexualism. Proof of this is that several bills are being pushed through Congress that will make drag queens and transgenders into federally protected minorities. The Tauscher bill will impose the homosexual agenda on the military! [snip]

"Imagine the impact that the rampant spread of STDs, including HIV would have on the military? How will the military handle the spread of these diseases in the barracks? How will the military handle sodomy in battlefield situations? Imagine the impact that sexual favoritism would have in subverting military cohesion? A homosexual Sergeant who was in love with a member of his company, could protect his lover from battle – or send a straight soldier into harm’s way just to punish him for having the wrong attitudes about homosexuality. Straight soldiers could be denied promotion by militant gay officers. The military chain of command would be undermined. [snip]

"In addition to the coming persecution of straight soldiers, what about the unrestrained drug and sex antics committed by young male homosexuals? Homosexual sex is consistently related to drug use, including crystal meth and other sexually-stimulating drugs. What sort of chaos will be caused in the military by bare-backing parties and other forms of homosexual orgies?

"There is also an effort by the White House and Congress to legitimate drag queens/transgenders in the military, too. The normalization of these behaviors are in many bills being pushed through Congress. This will impact the military as well. The passage of H.R. 1283 is a recipe for disaster in the military – and our national security will be jeopardized by permitting homosexuals, drag queens and others with bizarre sex habits to serve openly in the Armed Forces." - Lou Sheldon, founder of the Traditional Values Coalition.

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E-Harmony's "Shotgun Wedding" Launches

Last year a New Jersey man successfully sued Christian-run dating site E-Harmony under his state's anti-discrimination laws. As part of their settlement, today the site launches their LGBT dating campaign.
As of today, EHarmony comes out of the closet. The adamantly heterosexual dating website, which has accepted only male-female couples since its inception in 2000, is launching a gay matchmaking service called Compatible Partners. But EHarmony's new relationship with the gay community is more like a shotgun wedding: The company agreed in November to start the dating service as part of a settlement with the New Jersey attorney general in the wake of a discrimination suit. Dating site consultant Mark Brooks says Compatible Partners will be watched closely. "This will be one of the most scrutinized products in Internet dating," said Brooks, who hasn't worked for EHarmony. "They will have to introduce an A1 product."
Do you really want to give them your money?

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Jay Brannan - Can't Have It All

Here's the latest from gay singer/songwriter Jay Brannan. Really, really sweet. You might also want to check out Housewife, Brannan's fantastic single from last summer.

(Via - Towleroad)

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99 Seinfeld References

Brooklyn artist Kiersten Essenpreis has embedded 99 Seinfeld references in this illustration. (Embiggen for better detail.) I think I get just about every single one. Sad? Cool? Go here for a cheat sheet.

(Via - Gothamist)

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Australia: Catholic Church To Test Potential Priests For Evidence Of Gayness

I'd love to see the questions on the test.

Q: The Supremes did their best work after Diana Ross left. True/false? (Trick question, homo. Real men don't even know who Diana Ross IS.)
Melbourne Catholic Church has confirmed it is following Vatican recommendations to test would-be priests to ensure they are not gay. The head of the Vatican committee which released the guidelines has also stated that celibate gays must also be banned because homosexuality is ‘‘a type of deviation’’. Archdiocese of Melbourne spokesman James O’Farrell told Australian newspaper the Herald Sun that Carlton’s Corpus Christi Catholic seminary was using the recommendations but would not comment further.
Will they be probed "down under" and dismissed if they like it?

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Ellen & JHud Aren't Going

Cute, but seriously - can we puh-leeze retire this song until the end of time? Even hearing Jennifer Holliday in person had me cringing recently. Has nothing come along in the last 30 years to replace this overworn number? I'd even almost prefer Popular. Almost.

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Madonna Goes Orphan Shopping Again

Save The Children is criticizing Madonna's latest baby safari to Malawi, saying that even destitute orphans are better served when allowed to remain in their home communities. Malawi has an estimated one million orphans, most of whose parents died of AIDS.

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Operators Are Standing By

From their site: "Kathy Herrick of Macon anointed herself with the oil and God delivered her from 18 years of deep alcoholism!" Kathy may no longer get her drank on thanks to the Blood Of Jesus oil, but the site offers this disclaimer: "It is regular olive oil which represents the Holy Spirit and a special coloring to make it look red thus we call it "The Blood of Jesus Anointing Oil." There is no virtue or healing in this oil, it is a point-of-contact and an act-of-faith."

(Via Anthony Hecht @ Slog)

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HomoQuotable - D.L. Foster

"No one knows when their time to die will come. If you are reading this and you have not given your life to Christ, don’t delay. Don’t turn a deaf ear and go on enjoying your sin. Don’t mock God or the people he sends to you to tell you time is winding up and your soul is at stake. The only payment you can receive from sin is death. And when death comes and you are not in relationship with Christ, hell and eternal torment await you. That’s not to scare you, its just the unfettered truth.

"Weber probably thought he was being smart to deride and mock the evangelists who tried to save him. He may have felt justified in his hatred of those sent to save him. Little has changed, people did it to Noah who preached for 100 years before the door closed and the rains began to fall. Weber may have thought being “comfortable with his sexuality” was right, but there is nothing worth losing your soul over. Nothing." - "Ex-gay" Pastor D.L. Foster, writing about the murder of ABC newsman George Weber. Foster found a post on Weber's personal blog in which he complained about being "molested" by "Jesus freaks" in NYC's Port Authority bus terminal. Since Weber scorned those sent to "save" him, Foster feels his murder was inevitable.

Over the weekend most of the major Christianist and anti-gay blogs lit up with posts about Weber, most of which describe him a "pedophile pervert" whose murder exemplifies the wrongness of being gay. Because we're all destined to by stabbed to death by a 16 year-old Satanist. Or should be.

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Teen Killer Wants Cash For Interviews

The George Weber murder case has been chum in the water for NYC's tabloids, as it contains all their favorite buzz words. Teen Killer! Internet! Grisly Slay Scene! Dead Homo! But even the New York Post blanched at 16 year-old murderer John Katehis' demand to be paid cash for an interview.
John Katehis -- the Satan-worshipping 16-year-old charged with fatally stabbing radio newsman George Weber in a sex-for-cash-tryst gone bad -- still had money on his mind at the Bellevue psych ward today. When visited by a Post reporter, Katehis greedily said he'd only tell his side of the story "for cash." Wearing a light green jumpsuit and a menacing scowl on his face, Katehis again made clear there was only one way he'd spill the beans. "Is this a cash offer?" snarled Katehis. "Cash offers only!" Once it became clear no money would be exchanged, Katehis shot up and yelled again, "cash offers only!" and stormed out.
On Friday Katehis plead not guilty to the murder, despite reportedly having given the NYPD a complete confession.

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Zurich Gets Lesbian Mayor

Zurich joins Paris and Berlin as a major world city with an openly gay mayor. LGBT activists are especially thrilled as Zurich is the host to this year's EuroPride.
Zurich, Switzerland, has elected its first female and first openly lesbian mayor, Corine Mauch. A member of the centre-left Social Democrats, Mauch has been elected with a lead of 11,000 votes over her opposition following the surprise resignation of previous incumbent Elmar Ledergerber late last year. Mauch will be delivering a speech at the opening of the Europride 09 parade, alongside European Parliament member Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Moldavian human rights activist Mihaela Copot. A spokesman of the EuroPride said: “This is a real stroke of luck for the EuroPride in Zurich. None of us really expected that”

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Moscow Pride To Coincide With Eurovision

LGBT activists in Moscow have shrewdly rescheduled this year's pride events to coincide to that city's hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest, guaranteeing them a global stage should the Russian government follow through on its promise to once again ban their celebration.
Activists said they would ask contestants to support gay rights by wearing lapel pins onstage on May 16, the final day of competition. The event, in which contestants perform songs submitted by each of the countries in the European Broadcasting Union, is one of the most-watched non-sporting events in the world. "We believe this is the best way for those who support democratic values in Europe and who take part in the show to bring support to human rights campaigners in Russia,” said gay activist Nikolai Alekseev, according to Reuters India. Russian authorities have repeatedly banned gay events in the country, and violent counter-demonstrations have taken place when activists proceeded against the official directives.
Eurovision is considered to be the most-watched non-sporting event in the world.

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GM CEO Resigns At Obama's Demand

These days when the president tells you to resign, you do it.
The Obama administration asked Rick Wagoner, the chairman and CEO of General Motors, to step down and he agreed, a White House official said. On Monday, President Barack Obama is to unveil his plans for the auto industry, including a response to a request for additional funds by GM and Chrysler. The plan is based on recommendations from the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry, headed by the Treasury Department. The White House confirmed Wagoner was leaving at the government's behest after The Associated Press reported his immediate departure, without giving a reason. General Motors issued a vague statement Sunday night that did not officially confirm Wagoner's departure. "We are anticipating an announcement soon from the Administration regarding the restructuring of the U.S. auto industry. We continue to work closely with members of the Task Force and it would not be appropriate for us to speculate on the content of any announcement," the company said.
Wagoner has been CEO for the last eight years of his 30-year run at General Motors.

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Serial Adulterer Newt Gingrich Converts To Catholicism, Now Completely "Sin Free"

Yesterday thrice-married Newt Gingrich converted to Catholicism in a move some see as part of his plan to run for president in 2012. According to Catholic theocon Deal Hudson, Gingrich has now been absolved of those pesky extra-marital affairs.
“From a Catholic point of view, Newt’s sins no longer exist—they’ve been absolved. He’s made a fresh start in life. So Newt will continue to sin and confess but there aren’t going to be a lot of Catholics who will hold that against him. They understand why being a Catholic makes a difference.”
We've only had one Catholic president: John F. Kennedy.

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Boycott Jamaica Site Launched

Activists/bloggers Wayne Besen, Jim Burroway, and Michael Petrelis have jointly launched a site calling for the boycott of Jamaica, "the most homophobic place on Earth."
Human rights activists have given Jamaica the infamous title: “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth.” If you love your gay friends and family members, you won’t visit Jamaica. If you care about the human rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, you won’t buy Jamaican products. Isn’t it time we stop rewarding this hate state with our tourism dollars? Isn’t it time to stop drinking Jamaican beverages, such as Myers Rum and Red Stripe Beer?

This nation should be avoided at all costs until the Jamaican government takes action to end the country’s virulently homophobic climate and draconian laws that persecute homosexuals. Until Jamaica takes the following easy steps an official boycott is in effect:

1) Publicly commit to end gay bashing on the island and improve the human rights situation

2) A statement from the Prime Minister clearly and unequivocally condemning violence against GLBT people and expressing regret for past violence
Go here to sign up for updates from the site.

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We're Too Busy To Repeal DADT

Upon the revelation that there is money in the 2010 budget to continue DADT, Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged that the repeal of the law banning gays in the military is going to be "pushed down the road a little bit" because he and the president "have a lot on our plates right now."

The Servicemembers Legal Defense Network responds:
"Sec. Gates hardly gave a sound reason for kicking 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' down the road -- or essentially back tracking on a campaign promise made by his Commander in Chief," said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. "I trust the secretary was not speaking for President Obama, who, hopefully, will issue the call for repeal when he sends his Defense Department budget to Congress in a few weeks. This is about timely leadership."

Sarvis continued. "It's also called multitasking. Right now is the time -- while we're engaged in two wars -- we need the most qualified men and women serving. This is not the time to keep firing linguists and intelligence analysts because of their sexual orientation. The longer the president and Pentagon delay the issue, the fewer linguists and intelligence analysts the Pentagon will have to call on to fight terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

More than 800 hundred mission-critical service members (linguists, intelligence analysts) have been fired under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law. Almost 13,000 total service members have been discharged since 1994. "It's not easy or cheap to replace mission critical personnel," said Sarvis. "And the serious felons we're now recruiting probably don't have a command of Arabic or Farsi, or know how to analyze intelligence."

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Michelangelo Signorile Debates FL GOP Chair About RNC Head Michael Steele

On Saturday, Sirius XM host Michelangelo Signorile debated FL GOP head Jim Greer about the role of minorities in the Republican party and the leadership of RNC chair Michael Steele. Fascinating stuff.

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Father Tony At The GLAAD Awards

Our own Father Tony worked the red carpet last night at the GLAAD Media Awards for The Bilerico Project.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ivri Lider - I Kissed A Girl

Israel's top openly gay pop star Ivri Lider covers Kate Perry.

(Via JMG reader Sheepy)

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Evening View - Times Square

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Hundreds Protest Planned Marriage Veto By Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas

Vermonters are pissed about their governor's planned veto of their marriage equality bill and today hundreds of them gathered at the state capital to say so.
Hundreds of supporters turned out at the Statehouse Friday morning to rally support for the bill legalizing gay marriage, two days after the Republican governor made the surprise announcement that he would reject the legislation if it comes to his desk. "This issue is not going away," said Paul O'Kane of Waterbury, who attended the rally with his civil union partner, Robert Tranchida. "We're going to follow the governor around the state and protest until he changes his mind." The Cedar Creek Room at the Statehouse was packed with a crowd flowing out into the hallways as the Democratic leadership urged supporters of same-sex marriage to speak to House lawmakers who may be on the fence on the issue.

"No one said this would be easy," Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, D-Windham, told the crowd. "But we are more determined than ever to overcome his veto." Rep. David Zuckerman, P-Burlington, said there are more than 75 strong supporters of the bill in the Vermont House - and they are pushing for a stronger majority of 100. Lawmakers would need 101 votes in that chamber to overcome a veto. He said some lawmakers are struggling with the issue and - just as some did during the civil unions debate nearly a decade ago - won't make up their minds until the hour of the vote. He said supporters need to convince these lawmakers.
Somebody please send us some photos of today's rally.

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Japan To Allow Citizens To Gay-Marry Foreigners In Other Countries

An excellent step forward for Japan!
Japan has given the green light for its nationals to marry same-sex foreign partners in countries where gay marriage is legal, a justice ministry official said Friday. Japan does not allow same-sex marriages at home and has so far also refused to issue a key document required for citizens to wed overseas if the applicant's intended spouse was of the same gender. Under the change, the justice ministry has told local authorities to issue the key certificate -- which states a person is single and of legal age -- for those who want to enter same-sex marriages, the official told AFP. Gay activists praised the move. "This is one step forward," said Taiga Ishikawa, who leads a gay support group. "Gay Japanese have suffered a disadvantage... although they should be able to marry in some countries overseas."
All over the world, step by step....

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Watch How HIV Infects Immune Cells

An astonishing new video shows for the first time how HIV attacks and infects healthy immune cells. This glimpse has provided researchers with some new ideas.
Researchers found that the virus is transferred from infected cells to healthy ones in a previously unknown way. It is hoped that the discovery will help researchers create a vaccine to combat the virus, which has led to the deaths of more than 25 million people. The study was made possible after experts created a molecular clone of infectious HIV and inserted a protein into its genetic code which glows green when exposed to blue light. This allowed scientists to see the cells on digital video, and capture the way HIV-infected T-cells interact with uninfected ones. They noted that when an infected cell came into contact with a healthy one, a bridge was created between them, called a virological synapse. Researchers were then able to observe the fluorescent green viral particles moving towards the synapse and into the healthy cell. The US study has broken new ground by revealing that it is the synapse through which the viral proteins are gathered and moved into uninfected cells. The team, comprising scientists from UC Davis university in California, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, believe that this knowledge could help create new treatments for HIV and Aids.

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Live Stream: New Pet Shop Boys CD

The new Pet Shop Boys album Yes comes out in the U.S. on April 21st, but you can listen to the entire thing here with this handy widget.

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I meant to mention last week that all JMG posts are now automatically tweeted. Follow me at Twitter.com/joemygod if you like.

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HomoQuotable - Kate Kendell

"We’re going to lose. I think it was very clear from the oral arguments that the court intends to uphold Prop 8. I’ve never seen a court so unequivocally telegraph their thinking. They have this case on a very fast trajectory and have from the very beginning. On this issue, with this court, they seem almost to intentionally communicate how they’re planning to rule. The only way they can get an opinion out in 90 days is if there’s already a draft opinion." - National Center for Lesbian Rights head Kate Kendell, predicting that the California Supreme Court will uphold Proposition 8.

(Via John Wright @ the Dallas Voice)

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Top LGBT Site Bilerico Project Hacked

UPDATE: The Bilerico Project is back up!

One of the nation's top LGBT activism sites, The Bilerico Project, is under a continuing "denial of service" hack attack and is currently offline. Site founder Bil Browning:
I wanted to give folks a quick heads up on what's happened to the Bilerico Project and our affiliated sites. All of our sites are currently dark - they've been taken offline by a massive hacker attack. We've been fighting off these Eastern European hackers for over a year now; they're the same crowd that took down popular feminist political blog Shakespeare's Sister a year and a half ago. They're professionals and they're nasty. Earlier this week, they managed to take us down for about 9 hours overnight but we were able to regain control. They severely compromised the server though, so we had to get a new server up and running quickly. Yesterday, we got the new server racked up and were planning on making all of the switch overs (we also host quite a few Indiana LGBT organizations' websites), but the hackers managed to crack through our defenses again yesterday afternoon.
Browning reports that they do have backups for the site and are working to back online as soon as possible. You may recall that Pam's House Blend and numerous other progressive sites suffered a similar attack recently.

These continuous attacks from our enemies are a large part of why JMG continues to reside on Google's Blogspot. I do own the JoeMyGod.com domain, (which merely redirects traffic here, for now) but considering the hate mail received by this here website thingy I'm obviously a lot safer on Google's zillion-blog site, where it's next to impossible to take down an individual blog.

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Blade Reveals Salaries For Heads Of Major LGBT/HIV Activism Orgs

The Washington Blade has published the responses to a salary survey it sent the heads of the nation's top LGBT and HIV activism organizations in the country. (Embiggen the chart at left for a look.)
Craig Shniderman, executive director of Food & Friends, which provides meals and nutritional services for homebound people with HIV/AIDS in the Washington, D.C. area, had the highest salary among the heads of the nation’s most prominent LGBT advocacy groups and groups that provide AIDS-related services in Los Angeles, New York and D.C. A survey of the compensation paid to heads of 30 LGBT and AIDS organizations, conducted by the Washington Blade, shows that Shniderman had a total salary and benefits package of $382,200 in 2008, the latest period for which the organizations’ salary and annual revenue data could be obtained for a completed fiscal year. Shniderman’s earnings placed him ahead of Joe Solmonese, executive director of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBT political advocacy group. Solmonese, who ranked second in the salary survey, received a total compensation package of $338,400 in 2008.

Shniderman’s salary also topped that of Lorri Jean, executive director of the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, which had revenue of $48.5 million in 2008 and had nearly 300 employees compared to Food & Friends’ annual revenue of $7.9 million and 50 employees. The L.A. Center provides HIV/AIDS-related services as well as a host of social and recreational services for the LGBT community. The L.A. Center’s $48.5 million was the highest among all the LGBT and AIDS groups in the survey. HRC had the second highest annual revenue among the 30 groups: $41.4 million. Equality California, the statewide group that coordinated the unsuccessful effort to oppose an anti-gay marriage amendment, came in third, with a 2008 figure of $24.5 million.
Only four groups declined to participate: Gay Men's Health Crisis, Empire State Pride Agenda, NYC's LGBT Community Center, and Log Cabin Republicans.

Pam Spaulding notes:
Before tossing off snark statements like "they aren't worth 2 cents" or "I wish they'd pay me to be as ineffective," take a few seconds to think about 1) what do we expect leaders in our community to be paid, relative to the heads of other non-profit organizations, 2) the number of FT staff onboard and the annual revenue generated by the org. The figure to look at is the percentage of compensation relative to that annual revenue; and 3) most of these orgs are in large cities in higher-paying markets, so compensation is relative to the local cost of living

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Maddow: GOP=D'OH

Rachel Maddow tears into the GOP's proposed budget.

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OMG! Porn Boot Camp!

Anyone with a computer, iPod or cell phone can download porn in private, with just a click of a button. Pastor Dr. Irv Woolf knows first hand just how easy it is. "I've been through sexual sin in my own life. I've been through sexual addiction," said Woolf, who is the director of the National Coalition for Purity. So Woolf made it his mission to help other men fight their reliance on pornography. "In 2002, I put it out for the whole church and said any guy that wants to come we're going to do a big event. We're going to do the battle," said Woolf. The event is called Every Man's Battle for Sexual Purity. "Every guy struggles with lust," said Ketterling. The battle begins with guys wearing camouflage and dog tags. "It may look corny but it's very effective, it's really cool," said Ketterling. The military theme is deliberate. "It's high on discipline. We live in a very undisciplined age," said Woolf. The war recently waged at River Valley Church in Apple Valley uses scripture and real life testimonials to steer average viewers away from porn.
This bit kills me: "Organizers say tests they give after the 16-week purity platoons and boot camp show 92 percent of men participating kick their porn viewing habit. Church leaders also say couples they tested showed a significant increase in marital satisfaction."

How do these "tests" work, exactly?

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Britney Spears In Sign Language

An adorkable deaf dude gives us a sexy ASL version of Britney Spears' Womanizer. This has been floating around YouTube for a few weeks, but for some reason a dozen of you sent this yesterday. I live to serve.

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BUSTED: Sponsor Of TN Marriage Ban

Jeff Miller, the former Tennessee state senator who in 2005 successfully installed that state's ban on same-sex marriage, was arrested Wednesday for defrauding his home county in his position as tax collector.
A press release from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that Miller, 46, was indicted on one count of Official Misconduct, one count of Conspiracy to Commit Official Misconduct and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Perjury. April Miles, 28, was charged with one count of Aggravated Perjury, one count of Conspiracy to Commit Official Misconduct and one count of Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Perjury. Miles was Miller’s secretary. The TBI opened the investigation at the request of the District Attorney General on January 25, 2009 after there were allegations that Miller was overbilling the county while he served in the appointed position of Delinquent Tax Attorney for Bradley County. When Miller was removed from office, he was ordered to turn over title search records. He did not have the records that showed he performed the required title searches even though he received payment for these searches. TBI executed a search warrant on Miller’s office on January 28, 2009 as part of the investigation.
Local Tennessee LGBT paper Out & About notes:
Miller’s advocacy for the sanctity of marriage rang hollow at a time when his wife of 15 years sued him for divorce, citing behavior that suggested Miller was guilty of extramarital philandering. Bridgett Suzanne Miller filed divorce papers in Bradley County Circuit Court on February 25, 2005 and accused her husband of “inappropriate marital conduct.”

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teen Killer Pleads Not Guilty

Although he has confessed to brutally stabbing to death gay ABC newsman George Weber, 16 year-old self-avowed Satanist John Katehis plead not guilty to second-degree murder today. Katehis claims that Weber offered to pay him $60 and give him cocaine in return for rough sex.
The troubled teen accused in the stabbing death of radio reporter George Weber is a Satan-loving sadomasochist and hustler who agreed to a drug-fueled rough sex romp for $60. Knife fetishist John Katehis, 16, stabbed Weber "50 times to the neck" and body, police said. "He and Weber met online sometime last week and had arranged to meet," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. "There was going to be an exchange of money." Katehis was charged as an adult with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon at his arraignment Wednesday night - charges that could send the tattooed teen to jail for a long time. He was held without bail.

After the murder Friday, Katehis shed his bloody clothes and fled Weber's pad in some of the victim's duds - only to land in cop custody after a G train conductor spotted his bleeding left hand, Kelly said.
When cops nabbed him just before midnight Tuesday, Katehis was still dressed in Weber's clothes and carrying a dagger that was not the murder weapon, Kelly said. Katehis admitted stabbing Weber, a longtime WABC reporter, after answering an ad on Craigslist looking for rough sex."He saw the victim's ad looking for violent sex and said, 'I can smother somebody for $60,' but it got out of hand," a police source said.
Katehis' lawyer says his client "was being used by an older man." On right-wing sites, the victim is already being ridiculed as a pedophile "who got what he deserved."

Freepers react:
-"Do you think he had a great screaming for mercy voice?"
-"So the Pedophile got snuffed before being caught molesting children. Good riddance"
-"Otherwise known as the PROFILE of a typical Obama supporter."
-"any chance we can set this guy up with bawney fwank-they’d make a cute couple"
-"It's well known in the gay community that most gay men support NAMBLA’s quest to decriminalize gay sex between young boys and older men."

UPDATE: CNN's Rick Sanchez add his usual hyperbole to the story. Both Sanchez and his guest can't get over that somebody actually hooked up via the internet, calling it "poor judgment". Speaking of poor judgment, you might not know that in 1990, when Sanchez was a local reporter in Miami, he fled the scene after drunkenly running over a man as he exited Dolphins Stadium. The man later died and Sanchez plead guilty to DUI. Good judgment, eh? None of us in Miami could believe it when Sanchez returned to the airwaves.

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Obama: No To Legalizing Pot

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Germany Bans PETA's Holocaust Ads

Germany has banned a series of ads by PETA which compares Holocaust victims to animals in slaughterhouses.
The posters, sponsored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), bear photographs of concentration camp inmates, both alive and dead, along with pictures of plates piled with meat and animals ready for slaughter, accompanied by the slogan: "The Holocaust on your plate." The Constitutional Court decision, reached on February 20 but announced now, said the campaign would have made "the fate of the victims of the Holocaust appear banal and trivial."
The court took the case on behalf of a group of descendants of Holocaust victims.

(Via - JMG reader Marc)

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NH House Approves Marriage Equality

One step closer in New Hampshire.
The House has voted to make New Hampshire the third state allowing gays to marry two years after they granted them the right to enter into civil unions. The House voted 186-179 to send the bill to the Senate. The first attempt to pass the bill fell one vote short, but opponents were unable to kill it. The House then reconsidered and passed the measure.
More on this later.

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Uganda's Gay Witchhunt Continues With The Help Of U.S. "Ex-Gay" Group Exodus

Check out this story from Uganda's New Vision Online.
EIGHT more men yesterday confessed involvement in homosexuality and gay activities, which they said they had abandoned. Speaking to journalists at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, the youthful men described homosexuality as abnormal and anti-Christian, and declared war against it. The tough-talking men were accompanied by George Oundo, who earlier in the week denounced homosexuality and confessed recruiting school children into the practice. “We have been involved in recruiting homosexuals, spreading the gospel of homosexuality, and we know the operations of homosexuals,” said 27-year-old Emma Matovu, who took to homosexuality 13 years ago. “We shall do all it takes to eliminate the practice in Uganda.”

Matovu, who said he abandoned the practice two weeks ago, asserted: “Homosexuality is dangerous and dehumanising but is growing fast in Uganda.” He urged the Government and all concerned citizens to “wake up now before this abnormal practice is made to appear normal as the case has been in the West”. Another former homosexual, Charles Asiimwe, said the practice had spread to government offices, churches, schools and hotels. “Many business moguls are involved,” Asiimwe said. Oundo said the eight men would fight the vice because they were victims with a tormenting experience.
You must now click over to Jim Burroway's piece at Box Turtle Bulletin, where he exposes how American members of the "ex-gay" group Exodus are touring Uganda to support the government's crackdown on LGBT citizens. Exodus members have endorsed the proposed life sentence for gay sex in Uganda. It's an astonishing series of heavily researched articles.

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HRC Says No To Gay-Only ENDA

In 2007 the Human Rights Campaign supported a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) that did not include transgender citizens, setting off the biggest rift in the history of LGBT activism as a huge coalition of groups aligned against the HRC. Yesterday the HRC announced that they will not go down that road again.
The board of directors of the Human Rights Campaign approved a policy statement Wednesday saying the group will not support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA, if it excludes language protecting transgender persons from discrimination. HRC came under fire from transgender advocacy groups in 2007 when it announced it would not oppose a “gay-only” version of ENDA, which called for banning employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. That decision came after Democratic leaders in the House of Representatives said they did not have the votes to pass a trans-inclusive version of the bill and the bill would be defeated unless trans protections were stripped from the measure.

“It’s the policy of HRC that the organization will only support an inclusive ENDA,” says the statement, which the board approved in a closed meeting in Washington on March 25. “In 2007 House leadership informed us that there were insufficient votes to pass an inclusive bill, so they decided to vote on a sexual orientation only bill,” the board says in its statement. “We made a one-time exception to our policy in 2007 because we strongly believed that supporting this vote would do more to advance inclusive legislation. “We will not support such a strategy again,” the statement says. “We look forward to Congress sending President Obama a fully inclusive ENDA for his signature.”
(Via - Lou Chibbaro @ Washington Blade)

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Gay Icons Exhibit For London's National Portrait Gallery

London's National Portrait Gallery will open a show in July titled "Gay Icons", but some of the folks you'd most expect to be on a list of that sort do not appear
The late Diana, Princess of Wales, and former South African President Nelson Mandela are two of the personalities identified as “Gay Icons” in an exhibition bearing that title that will open in July at London’s National Portrait Gallery. While the show’s title may summon up a stereotypical list of performers such as Barbra Streisand or Kylie Minogue, organizers said, neither is represented. Instead, the 10 gay men and women on the selection panel, including singer Elton John, actor Ian McKellen and ex-tennis champion Billie Jean King, have each picked six people who inspired them and helped shape who they are, irrespective of sexual orientation. “We’re very clear that this is an exhibition for everybody,” said the gallery’s director, Sandy Nairne, at a press breakfast. “We want to get out to people who didn’t think they’d want to see it.”

As the portraits in the show had to be photographs, Michelangelo and Alexander the Great were ruled out, said Sandi Toksvig, the comedian and broadcaster who headed the panel. So were William Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci, she said. John picked his lyricist Bernie Taupin, as well as the late cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, who battled for freedom and democracy inside and outside Russia. King put Mandela on her list to recognize his struggle for rights. McKellen chose Harvey Milk -- the first openly gay man in California to be elected to political office -- and Toksvig included singer k.d. lang. Princess Diana was one of the six names coming from Waheed Alli, a member of the House of Lords and executive chairman of Chorion Plc, a U.K. producer of Agatha Christie TV dramas.
Who would be on your list, were you asked to be a "selector" for this show?

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NH House Votes On Marriage Today

Seems like everything is marriage-related today. One more item: the New Hampshire House makes their vote today on that states's marriage equality bill. Two years ago New Hampshire legalized civil unions. Half of New England is in play this week, isn't it?

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Open Thread Thursday

We're just over two months into the Obama administration. What do you think so far?

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Bloomberg Calls For Gay Marriage Bill

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg called for the state legislature to pass a same-sex marriage bill last night in an appearance at the LGBT Community Center.
Mayor Bloomberg said Wednesday night he stands ready to ask the Legislature to allow gay marriage in New York State, but doesn't know when the time will be right. "We see that the tide is turning, that support is mounting," Bloomberg told the annual dinner of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. "Make no mistake, the time will come ... and we will pass this bill." Bloomberg has made similar pledges to testify in Albany for almost three years, but the GOP-run state Senate blocked any such bill. Democrats now run the Senate but have not been able to round up votes to pass the measure - increasing pressure on Bloomberg to follow through. "I don't know whether it's more likely or not" this year, Bloomberg said before his speech. "If they consider a bill, I think they should pass it, and I would be happy to testify for it."

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No Civil Unions For Hawaii

After weeks of the most contentious public displays seen since Hawaii became a state, the Senate has killed the civil unions bill.
An effort to force a vote on same-sex civil unions has failed in the Hawaii Senate, essentially killing the measure. Only six senators supported the legislative maneuver, short of the nine votes required for a full Senate vote. Even though about 18 senators have indicated they support civil unions, they lacked the political willpower to go against Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, who opposed the effort. Hanabusa has supported civil unions but said she didn't want to override the normal lawmaking process by lifting the bill from its committee, where it had stalled following a 3-3 vote.
The Hawaii Senate Judiciary chairman says the bill has a slight chance of being revived next year.

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Contact Vt. Gov. Jim Douglas

Vermont Freedom To Marry is asking everybody to directly contact Gov. Jim Douglas and express your outrage/disappointment with his threat to veto the Senate marriage equality bill, S.115.

Do it here

UPDATE: Here's Sean Chapin's response to Douglas' veto threat.

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Dubya Vs. Obama

I denounce myself for posting this.

(Via - JMG reader Castro Craig)

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Q: Location? A: Right Behind You, Dude

The Washington Post writes about the latest iPhone app which uses the device's geolocation function so homos can find other homos that happen to be nearby.
We've seen a handful of dating applications that cater to the straight community, and today brings the launch of Grindr (iTunes Link), one of the first iPhone applications geared towards gay and bisexual men. While privacy is an issue for all location based social networks, it is of the utmost importance on gay networks. Without proper security measures, bigots could easily download such applications and use them to pinpoint targets for hateful slurs and potentially even violence. Grindr deals with these issues by obscuring a user's absolute location by default. Rather than plotting each user on the map. Grindr displays how far away they are (distances can range from a few feet to miles away). The application presents users with a list of nearby strangers, arranged in a grid of photos (you can click on a photo to see their personal profile). From here, users can strike up a real-time chat. If they decide they like their new acquaintance, they can they optionally choose to reveal their exact locatio
WaPo's headline: "Gay Dating Makes Its Way To The iPhone." Dating? Grindr?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adam Lambert - Tracks Of My Tears

Our boy Adam Lambert finally won over even Simon Cowell tonight, who called Lambert's Tracks Of My Tears "the best performance of the night." And a standing ovation from the song's writer, Smokey Robinson, sure doesn't hurt. Ridiculously amazing.

UPDATE: The highly accurate Dial Idol site shows Adam in first place.

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Excuse The Mess

Our commenting system host is working through some programming bugs at the moment. A few comments may have been "eaten" today and I'm not sure if they'll reappear or not. But nobody has been banned here in ages, so don't feel like it was something you said if you find your comment gone. Carry on as usual.

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UK: Anti-Gay Hate Speech Ban Upheld

In what British tabloids are describing with headlines like "Gay Hate Jokes Get Banned", the attempt to decriminalize anti-gay speech in the UK has failed.
The government has defeated an amendment in the House of Commons that would have created a defence of "free speech" in a bill that is designed to criminalise incitement of hatred in relation to sexual orientation. Campaigners including the Blackadder star Rowan Atkinson and the gay actor Christopher Biggins had argued that the clause relating to hatred in the Coroners and Justice Bill could limit freedom of expression and could lead to prosecutions over gay "jokes". The Coroners and Justice Bill is being used to remove an amendment to legislation passed last year that allowed the "discussion or criticism" of sexual practices last year. The amendment that was defeated today by 154 votes, would have effectively re-instated the defence of free speech.
Gay actor Christopher Biggens laments: "Showbiz, camp theatrics and dazzling wit helped to pave the way for gay rights. They should be cherished, not suppressed. It is bitterly ironic that, in the name of tolerance, the government should be marching towards such a culture of intolerance." The law that criminalizes speech intended to incite "sexual orientation hatred" was passed last year.

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VT Governor To Veto Gay Marriage

Bad news.
Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas says he will veto a bill to legalize gay marriage if it passes the Legislature. The Republican had said even before Wednesday's announcement that he was against same-sex marriage. He also has said lawmakers shouldn't have spent their time on the bill this session because of the economy and the state's budget deficit.
The Vermont Senate approved marriage equality earlier this week with the House expected to do the same shortly. There may be enough votes to overturn Douglas' veto.

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This Is George Weber's Murderer

The MySpace page of murdered gay newsman George Weber's 16 year-old killer has been found and it's extremely disturbing. From John Katehis' profile:
My name is John, I am sixteen years of age and live in Queens, New York. I enjoy long conversations, drinking, bike riding, hanging out, roof hopping, hanging off trains, any type of Parkour exercise, Extreme Violence (chaos, Anarchy, ect..) Video Games, Violent Movies and listening to my ipod. I am a very easy person to talk to. I like to do crazy and wild things.im like an adrenaline junkie, I'm always looking for a big thrill, I'm a big risk taker and like to live life on the edge.I am an Extremist, an Anarchist,and a Sadomasochist. As long as you show respect for me i will show respect for you, if you disrespect me, then i will fucking break your neck. To learn more about me just send me a message or catch me on aim, my screen name is johnkatehis92, my yahoo is greeksatan92@yahoo.com, johnkatehis92@yahoo.com and my msn is greekjohn92@hotmail.com. You can ask me any kind of questions, I am always happy to chat with a new person.
Katehis' MySpace page features numerous photos of him brandishing various weapons. Did this kid not have parents? How does a 16 year-old amass a large collection of swords and knives? I wasn't even allowed to own comic books.

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Shocking! Lesbians! On Oprah!

You know, I really like Oprah - but enough already with the "shocking!" music and crime scene-ish flash cuts. Honey, it's just lesbians, not serial killers.

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Too Gay For Theaters?

Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor's latest movie, I Love You, Phillip Morris, appears to be headed direct-to-video, despite getting a generally positive reception at recent film festivals. Micheal Musto speculates that a particular sex scene may have film buyers squeamish, after receiving this message from one marketer:
"The scene is not shocking in the sense that any body parts are actually revealed--both actors are nude, but the way the scene is shot, no pickle is on display. The surprising part is that the 'bottom' is this muscle, bearish type, who is on all fours, getting a really hard pounding by Carey. It was mostly the tone and my perception of Carey as an actor, just because I never looked at Carey in a sexual manner and he was so dedicated to giving it to the muscle-bear and the sexual tone was authentic, it caught me off guard. I eventually got over it and I think Carey is convincingly fantastic in the film. But I think most folks are used to seeing Ewan McGregor naked and engaging in man-on-man sex, but Carey, not so much. So more power to him for going there."
Decapitations, disemboweling, torture porn -all are OK for your local multiplex. Realistic gay sex - unacceptable.

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New From Edward Current

Here's the latest from brilliant satirist Edward Current.

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Maryland, About Your State Song....

Maryland is considering removing Civil War expressions like "Northern scum" from their state song.
Maryland lawmakers are thinking maybe it's time to find a way to scrub "Northern scum" — and a few other sensitive pre-Civil War phrases — from the official state song. "Maryland, My Maryland," set to the traditional seasonal tune of "O, Tannenbaum," was written in 1861 and adopted as the state song in 1939. But now some lawmakers are pushing for a change to the warlike language in what was originally a poem that doubled as a call to arms. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller wants a new commission to examine the song and consider changing some stanzas to reflect the state's diversity and remove offensive phrases. "I love history, but there comes a time when you have to adjust," Miller, a Democrat, told senators Tuesday. A Maryland House of Delegates committee voted down a bill to change the song because members were reluctant to tinker with history.
I believe Florida still has Stephen Foster's Swanee River as their state song. You know, that classic about where "de white folks stay" and the "darkeys" contentedly sing in the fields.

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Insurers Offer Reforms In Advance Of Obama's Coverage-For-All Plan

This is an interesting development.
The nation's health insurers offered Tuesday to stop basing people's premiums on their health and extend coverage to all Americans regardless of pre-existing conditions — provided that everyone gets insurance. The suggestion from Karen Ignagni, president of America's Health Insurance Plans, came at a Senate hearing and in a Newsmaker session with USA TODAY. It marked the first time the insurance industry, which represents nearly 1,300 companies insuring more than 200 million people, has made such a proposal. Since calling for a major overhaul of the nation's health care system last month, President Obama has noted the cooperation of the system's major stakeholders: doctors and hospitals, businesses and consumers, drugmakers and insurance companies. Tuesday's proposal marked one of the first concrete steps forward in the process. "This is a major step, and it changes everything about how the market works," Ignagni told USA TODAY. Insurers, she said, are prepared to "offer coverage to everyone who applies."
The proposal hinges on a requirement that all Americans get health insurance, a system currently in place in Massachusetts only.

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Raves For Obama's Press Conference

TV's talking heads are giving President Obama rave reviews for last night's press conference.

(Via - Americablog)

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DC's Town Danceboutique Responds

In Monday's post about bachelorette parties at gay bars, I mentioned that when at DC's Town Danceboutique, I'd heard complaints about straight people "rubbing our noses" in their right to marry by holding parties at Town. JMG reader Chad forwarded the post to the owners of Town and here is their response.
"The irony that straight people choose Town Danceboutique in which to celebrate a basic fundamental right that is denied to the very owners, operators, and patrons of that establishment is not lost on those owners and operators. Instead of, in turn, denying straight people a right to celebrate, we choose to embrace the happiness and joy that comes with celebrating an occasion such as marriage.

However, in an attempt to make sure that the irony is not lost on those that are celebrating, Town Danceboutique requires all members of such groups to sign a very straight-forwardly written petition that demonstrates that the those that come to the club to celebrate their marriage or their friend's marriage also support the rights of gays and lesbians everywhere to enjoy those same rights.

We collect these petitions and send them individually to the appropriate congressional representatives in which the respective signers reside. We believe that this process is a far better way of attempting to help gain marriage rights than if we simply were to turn such people away at our door."

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Police: George Weber Killed By 16 Year-Old Met On Craigslist

Using the murdered gay newsman's email history, the NYPD has easily found the killer of George Weber, a 16 year-old he met on Craigslist. The killer has confessed.
A 16-year-old confessed to stabbing WABC newsman George Weber during a drugged-up date with the older man, police sources said Wednesday. The emotionally disturbed teenager was arrested early Wednesday morning after he admitted to cops that he had answered an ad Weber placed on the Internet looking for a partner in rough sex, police and law enforcements sources said. "He saw the victim's ad looking for violent sex and said "I can smother somebody for $60" but it got out of hand," a source said. The teen admitted he stabbed Weber, but couldn't remember how many times because he "blanked out" during the violent, drug-fuelled assault. The teen was in custody this morning at Brooklyn's 76th Precinct. Cops found the suspect by combing through Weber's e-mail and Web browser history and tracking calls he made from his cell phone, sources said.
A memorial service for Weber is being planned.

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Two Gay Guys Go Into A Sports Bar......

Last night ABC's What Would You Do? sent two gay guys into a New Jersey sports bar to see how the customers reacted when the couple became affectionate. Things turned out better than you'd probably think.

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Gainesville Does The Right Thing

Yesterday the voters of Gainesville, Florida refused to repeal that city's LGBT discrimination protections. From Equality Florida:
Equality Florida joins with local leaders in Gainesville and fair-minded people across the state and nation in celebrating today's decisive victory over discrimination and fear embodied in Gainesville Charter Amendment 1. Voters rejected the amendment by a vote of 58% to 42%. If passed, Charter Amendment 1 would have repealed existing civil rights protections for Gainesville's gay and transgender community. For over a year, backers of the amendment have waged a fear-based campaign filled with outright lies and media campaigns that dehumanized gay and transgender people. Specifically, these extremists drew a target on the backs of transgender people with bigoted messages intended to instill fear in the hearts of Gainesville citizens.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

17 Year-Old Gay Vermont Youth Speaks Out On Marriage Equality

Meet our new hero, James Neiley.

(Via - Bilerico)

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Finale: RuPaul's Drag Race

Spoiler alert: If you didn't watch it last night, the winner is revealed in this clip.

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Daily Grumble

You know, I was soooo careful not to overdo it this weekend. Twelve hours of sleep before the party. Fully hydrated for the duration. Ten hours of sleep Sunday night. But then last night I had to check out a new UES restaurant whose name starts and ends with a vowel. Four hours later I was Googling "food poisoning" and "guacamole." Dammit.

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Gay Radio Reporter Murdered In Brooklyn

Veteran openly gay ABC radio news reporter George Weber was found stabbed to death in his bed yesterday. Police are speculating that Weber was murdered by a someone he picked up on the internet.
WABC newsman George Weber was slain in a struggle so violent that his killer's blood splattered across the reporter's Brooklyn home, police sources said Monday. Weber's lifeless body, his ankles bound with duct tape, was discovered in the bedroom of his Carroll Gardens apartment Sunday. The radio reporter had been savagely attacked, with multiple cuts to his neck, torso, arms and hands, police said. Blood was found throughout the ransacked apartment, but investigators think some of it belonged to the killer, believed to be a date Weber picked up Friday night, sources said. One neighbor heard a scuffle, followed by several loud thumps Friday night, then silence. Witnesses have told cops they saw a man talking on a cell phone outside Weber's home Friday night. Investigators suspect that Weber arranged to meet his companion over the Internet and were searching his e-mail and Web browser history, sources said.
Weber was known for his disarming interview style. He would often bring his pet dachshund Noodles to interviews, as his subjects would calm down and open up after petting the dog.

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