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Hotel Motel Obergefell

(Tipped by JMG readers Ray and TJ)

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Why We Celebrate

UPDATE: Ugh, it turns out the interviewer is a total nutjob.

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Breitbart Closes Comments On Story About Death Threat Against President Obama

Gosh, why do you think they won't let their readers comment on a story about a man who said this on his Facebook page: "The usurper is here and if I get a chance I’ll take him out and I’ll take the shot."

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Huckabee Doubles Down

Mike Huckabee has followed up his vow to prosecute the enforcement of public accommodation laws as a hate crime with the above image on his Facebook page. He has also published an op-ed for Fox News:
On Day One of my administration, I will use the power of the presidency to protect and defend people of all faiths in all fifty states. First, I will sign religious liberty executive orders that support traditional marriage and protect businesses, churches, non-profits, schools and universities, hospitals, and other organizations from discrimination, intimidation, civil penalties, or criminal attacks for exercising their religious beliefs. Second, I will direct the attorney general to protect religious liberty and prosecute any violations of First Amendment rights of individuals, businesses, religious organizations, institutions, and civil servants, including those who believe in traditional marriage. The Justice Department will protect and defend the rights of American citizens to follow their religious convictions without discrimination, and prosecute attacks on people of faith and their religious liberty. I will aggressively prosecute attacks against people of faith as hate crimes.
Yeah, good luck with that.

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One Million Views For Catholic Vote

Poster by Scott Wooledge. His review at Memeographs:
The auteurs at Catholic Vote have created an instant classic Christian cinematic masterpiece to rival Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas. Not since National Organization for Marriage’s “Gathering Storm” of 2008 have we seen delusional hyperbole, paranoia and self-pity lifted to such delirious heights. Like an episode of The Bachelor or a Lindsey Lohan court appearance, Not Alone is both terrifying and impossible to look away from. This important piece of filmmaking will surely inspire countless imitators, but Not Alone is so earnest in its own clueless, privileged insensitivity that parody may be superfluous (see Poe’s Law). Still, I look forward to seeing what influence this motion picture exerts on Stephen Colbert and the creative staff at The Daily Show, Funny or Die and Saturday Night Live.
Catholic Vote is very upset about the reactions.

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George Takei Apologizes

George Takei has posted an apology for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas "a clown in blackface." An excerpt from his Facebook page:
I am reminded, especially on this July 4th holiday, that though we have the freedom to speak our minds, we must use that freedom judiciously. Each of us, as humans, have hot-button topics that can set us off, and Justice Thomas had hit mine, that is clear. But my choice of words was regrettable, not because I do not believe Justice Thomas is deeply wrong, but because they were ad hominem and uncivil, and for that I am sorry.

I often ask fans to keep the level of discourse on this page and in comments high, and to remember that we all love this country and for what it stands for, even if we often disagree passionately about how to achieve those goals. I did not live up to my own high standards in this instance. I hope all of you have a wonderful, safe and joyously free July 4th, the first where all married couples in the U.S. can enjoy the full liberties of matrimony equally. It is truly a blessing to be an American today.
Critics and fans are responding at the link.

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Tony Perkins Has The Fourth Of July Sadz

"Eight hundred years ago, Magna Carta was signed in England. It limited the power of the king for the first time. It is from Magna Carta, and not from some French atheist of the eighteenth century, that we derive our idea of legally binding the government to respect human rights. Last month, that same high court, unbound the government. Marriage is no longer marriage. Their marriage proposal is to end marriage in America. Every argument for men 'marrying' men is an argument for three men marrying' or three women 'marrying.'

"This same court ruled that in construing a law, the words of the law approved by Congress and signed by the President no longer have a fixed meaning. They can be -- in fact they must be -- revised. The words must be made to unsay what they said. And to say what none thought they said. Such a court is accountable to none; it is unchecked and unbalanced; as such, it is subject only to its own vaguest notions of what 'a living Constitution' allows. Does our nation still hold these truths? Are we still a free people?" - Hate group leader Tony Duggar Perkin Duggar, via email.


Robert Jeffress: Don't Be Discouraged, Obergefell Is Speeding Return Of Jesus

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POLL: Majority Backs SCOTUS Rulings

Via YouGov:
The opposition to legal same-sex marriage is both partisan and generational. Two-thirds of Republicans oppose same-sex marriage, as does a majority of those 65 and older. Two in three Democrats and adults under 30 are in favor. Some of the opposition is clearly religious: 57% of those who say religion is very important to them oppose the ruling (a third approve). Among Catholics, there is a close division with nearly half approving. There is more support in the Northeast and West than there is in the Midwest and South.

But same-sex marriage has already become part of the American landscape. 44% say they know a gay or lesbian married couple. More than half of those with higher incomes and half of women do, but only 29% of African-Americans say they know a gay or lesbian couple that is married. Those who know a same-sex married couple approve of the Court’s ruling by two to one. While many people know a same-sex married couple, only 7% have attended a same-sex wedding. Three times as many Democrats (11%) as Republicans (3%) and eight times as many liberals (16%) as conservatives (2%) have done so.
46% of all Americans say they'd attend a same-sex wedding.

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SCOTUS Fallout: Decade-Old Pride Image Spawns Death Threat For Photographer

Via the Washington Post:
More than a decade ago, photographer Ed Freeman set out to capture the gay rights struggle in a photograph for the cover of Frontiers, a gay magazine. To do so, he relied on an image — the flag-raising at Iwo Jima — that has been imitated and adapted countless times since it was captured in the midst of one of America’s bloodiest battles. [snip] More than a decade after his adaptation of the photograph was published, it circulated on social media following the Supreme Court’s decision Friday to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states. That prompted a backlash against Freeman — including a death threat he says he reported to the FBI. “He said if he ever saw me, he’d kill me,” Freeman said in a phone interview. “I got swamped with vitriolic hate mail.” Freeman said there is “no way in hell” that he meant his adaptation of the Iwo Jima image to be provocative. “This picture was just a flashpoint for a lot people who are looking for a reason to lash out, so I guess I get to be the whipping boy,” he said. “I’m fine with that if that’s what it takes.
Haters are going nuts on Twitter.

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Mike Huckabee: I'll Make It A Hate Crime To Enforce Public Accommodation Laws

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A Kind Offer

RELATED: From earlier today.

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Alan Keyes: The Fourth Of July Is Now A National Day Of Mourning For Christians

"July 4th is the day we are supposed to celebrate the Declaration of Independence. But now, for the first time in the history of the United States, July 4 must be a day of mourning, not of celebration. For Americans of goodwill must commiserate, in the wake of a Supreme Court decision in which an impudent, prejudiced majority struck what they intend to be a death blow against the self-evident truths the Declaration admits and proclaims; and in which even the best of those who should have boldly upheld the Declaration’s standard against the majority, instead cowered in the penumbra of that majority’s abandonment of right and reason, ashamed to admit the power of God’s name, to which the Declaration reverently defers, along with His authority, on which those self-evident truths self-evidently depend." - Alan Keyes, writing for his personal site.

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Money Beg Of The Day

From the site:
I am a twenty-six-year-old female and I am currently 7 weeks pregnant. I have every intention of having an abortion, but I'm giving you a chance to stop it. I'm enrolled in a graduate program in a state that very recently passed extremely restrictive abortion laws that impose unnecessary waiting time to get an abortion and attempt to enforce rules that bypass the doctor/patient privacy privilege. I now feel more comfortable traveling to my home state to get an abortion than I do trying to get one here.

On July 7th I will start accepting donations on this page. I will accept donations for 72 hours, the same amount of time this state currently requires a woman to wait after a consultation with a doctor until she can have an abortion. If one million dollars is raised in those 72 hours then I'll have the baby, give it up for adoption and every cent of that one million dollars will be put in a trust fund for the child, which he or she will have access to when they turn 21.

I'll keep none of the money for myself so if I am to be vilified in this process, it can't be for that. If the one million dollar goal is not met by the end of those 72 hours, any and all donations received will be refunded and I will have an abortion that I have already scheduled for July 10th in my home state. Mathematically this means that every one of the 157 million Americans that identify as pro-life needs to donate less than one cent to stop this abortion.
The Friendly Atheist isn't impressed:
We talk about the importance of choice because pregnancy is so personal and women should have the right to make that decision on their own. What they do with their bodies shouldn’t be up to politicians — much less strangers with deep wallets. By forcing others to decide the fate of the fetus, she’s giving up the very thing we fight so hard to protect. If she wants an abortion, she should have one. And I’m glad she’s drawing attention to the myriad obstacles conservatives throw along that path — 72-hour waiting periods, unnecessary ultrasounds, abortion clinics being shut down for no good reason — but I’m guessing this stunt will just backfire, doing even more damage to our shared cause.

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Cliff Kincaid: Impeach Ruth Bader Ginsburg & "Known Lesbian" Elena Kagan

"Our media didn’t treat it as a big deal, but Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg had both officiated at gay weddings. Groups such as the National Organization for Marriage, the American Family Association, the Coalition of African American Pastors, and the Foundation for Moral Law had called for Kagan and Ginsburg to withdraw from the case. Matthew Kidd, executive director of the Foundation for Moral Law, told Accuracy in Media that the failure by Kagan and Ginsburg to withdraw from the case leaves them open to impeachment and removal from the bench. In the case of Kagan, an Obama appointee, she may have had a personal conflict-of-interest. This is a sensitive matter, but various reports indicated that Kagan was a known lesbian before she was nominated to the Court by President Obama. For example, the gay blog QueerTY had identified her as a lesbian. That would mean she was compromised on homosexual issues prior to her ascension to the bench and after she was confirmed. This is a conflict of interest that cannot be tolerated." - Accuracy In Media head Cliff Kincaid, calling on Congress to impeach both justices.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Cliff Kincaid says Christians must fight to their deaths over same-sex marriage. Cliff Kincaid says Obama has given an interview to a "gay porn outfit" (referring to the Huffington Post.) Cliff Kincaid demands that Fox anchor Shepard Smith come out of the closet, refuses to comment on Matt Drudge. Kincaid says that marijuana use causes terrorism.  Kincaid says gay people live a "disease-ridden lifestyle." Kincaid lectures at Porno Pete's hate academy. Kincaid says gay people want to give Americans AIDS by donating blood. Kincaid endorses Uganda's "kill the gays" bill.

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First Ladies of Disco - Show Some Love

Martha Wash, Linda Clifford, and Evelyn "Champaign" King.

(Via JMG reader Jonathan)

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PHILADELPHIA: Jim Obergefell Places Wreath At Site Of 1965 Gay Rights Rally

Via the Associated Press:
Regina Sullivan started crying as she squeezed her arms around the man at the center of the latest gay rights milestone: Jim Obergefell, whose lawsuit led to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage the law of the land. Sullivan, 17, offered her embrace before a ceremony Thursday where Obergefell helped place a wreath at a historical marker commemorating one of the movement’s first milestones: a rally near Philadelphia’s Independence Hall a half-century ago. “For me, it’s an honor to be here to pay tribute to those people who took much bigger risks than I did and laid the groundwork for John and me to be married and for us to stand up and have the courage to fight,” said Obergefell. “Without the people here in Philadelphia 50 years ago, I wouldn’t be here.”

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Smoking Crayfish & Gay Marriage

Rep. Jared Polis gets the Gregory Brothers treatment.

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MEXICO: Activists Protest Istanbul Pride Attack At Turkish Embassy

On Sunday, police attacked Istanbul Pride attendees with tear gas, water cannons, and rubber bullets, reportedly because the event fell during Ramadan. Yesterday about two dozen Mexican activists protested the attack with a demonstration outside the Turkish embassy in Mexico City. JMG reader Alex sends us his photos, noting, "A prayer for Ramadan was performed by a Muslim woman. She did it over a Pride Flag." (The woman was among the protesters.)

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KENTUCKY: ACLU Sues County Clerk For Refusing To Issue Marriage Licenses

Via press release:
The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky today filed a lawsuit on behalf of four Rowan County couples, two same-gender couples and two opposite-gender couples, denied marriage licenses by County Clerk Kim Davis. Since the U.S. Supreme Court issued a sweeping and historic decision that affords gay and lesbian couples the legal right to marry, Ms. Davis has refused to provide marriage licenses to any couple applying for one in Rowan County citing “religious concerns.” In explaining the ACLU’s decision to file suit on the couples’ behalf, ACLU of Kentucky Cooperating Attorney Laura Landenwich stated, “Ms. Davis has the absolute right to believe whatever she wants about God, faith, and religion, but as a government official who swore an oath to uphold the law, she cannot pick and choose who she is going to serve, or which duties her office will perform based on her religious beliefs.”
Davis spoke to on Monday: "What has happened is that five lawyers have imposed their personal view of what the definition of marriage should be on the rest of us. And I, as a Christian, have strong views, too. And I know I don't stand alone."
Read more here:

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Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

Stereogum recaps:
Take a deep breath and savor the moment. We’re going to have a very short time before the parents’ groups of the world start loudly freaking the fuck out over Rihanna’s new video for “Bitch Better Have My Money,” so we need to appreciate every moment that that isn’t happening. Rihanna shared a preview of the video a few days ago, promising nudity and language and violence. She wasn’t kidding. The clip features Rihanna and a couple of friends kidnapping a rich lady and holding her for ransom, and it ends with a naked Rihanna, covered in blood, smoking weed while sitting in a trunk full of cash.

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OHIO: Defendant In Obergefell V Hodges Attends Same-Sex Wedding

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Rick Hodges, head of Ohio's Department of Health and named defendant in the landmark case that ended last week with the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage nationwide, gave a Bible reading Thursday at a gay wedding. Hodges stood at the Columbus nuptials of Steve George and Jeff Gatwood. "Steve's been my friend for 25 years, and I am looking forward to celebrating with him," Hodges said by telephone shortly before the ceremony began.

A number of top Republicans, including Gov. John Kasich and his wife, Karen, were on hand for the celebration. It's the wedding Kasich mentioned earlier this year when asked by a reporter if he would attend a gay wedding. Kasich, who will announce his candidacy for president this month, has said he was disappointed in the Supreme Court ruling and believes that marriage is between a man and woman.

Obergefell v. Hodges combined six lawsuits filed by 32 couples, widowers and children in four states that don't recognize gay marriage, including Ohio. Several Ohio plaintiffs in the case -- including James Obergefell of Cincinnati -- were widowed after being married in other states and wanted to be listed as surviving spouse on their partners' death certificates. Others filed suit over losing marital protections when they moved to states that didn't recognize their unions.
(Tipped by JMG reader Lynne)

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Another Money Beg For Oregon Bakers

First there was the GoFundMe drive, which generated $110K before it was pulled due to rules about raising money for those accused of breaking the law. Per the rules at that time, it appeared that the Kleins could keep what had been raised. Then Franklin Graham stepped in with Samaritan's Purse, a site that does not disclose amounts. And launched last night was a money beg on Continue To Give, "a faith-based giving platform." So far about $30K has been raised at Continue To Give.

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Kids React To Gay Marriage Ruling

(Tipped by JMG reader Ray)

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HomoQuotable - Peter Moskowitz

"I’ve earned the right to claim pride through years of internal strife over my sexuality. Others have died in the name of gay pride. More still have been jailed, have been disowned by their families, and have sued their state governments for it. Gay pride is not something you can claim by waving a flag. The rainbow symbol is easy to co-opt, but the experience it represents is not. That’s why it wasn’t comforting to see hundreds of my Facebook friends’ profile pictures draped in rainbows. It didn’t feel like they were understanding my struggle; it felt like they were cheapening it, celebrating a victory they had no part in winning." - Peter Moskowitz, 26, writing for the Washington Post. Comments there are overwhelmingly critical.

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White House Celebrates Historic Week

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

TENNESSEE: Entire County Clerk's Office Quits Over Same-Sex Marriage

Via Nashville's ABC affiliate:
The employees of the Decatur County clerk’s office in west Tennessee have resigned from their positions. Clerk Gwen Pope and employees Sharon Bell and Mickey Butler all said their resignations was due to the Supreme Court’s decision to allow same-sex marriages. The decision reportedly clashes with the employees’ religious beliefs. Their last day will be July 14. Currently, the Decatur County’s clerk office will not issue a same-sex license. Just Wednesday, the Associated Press reported all 95 counties in Tennessee are following last week’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned bans on same-sex marriage. Clerks are legally allowed to refuse to perform the marriages, but must issue the licenses.
No same-sex marriage licenses have been requested in Decatur County, population 11,000.

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OREGON: Final Ruling Says Anti-Gay Bakers Must Pay $135K To Gay Couple

Via Oregon Live:
Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian on Thursday ordered the owners of a former Gresham bakery to pay $135,000 in damages to a lesbian couple for refusing to make them a wedding cake. Avakian's ruling upheld a preliminary finding earlier this year that the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa had discriminated against the women on the basis of their sexual orientation.

Bakery owners Melissa and Aaron Klein cited their Christian beliefs against same-sex marriage in denying service. The case ignited a long-running skirmish in the nation's culture wars, pitting civil rights advocates against religious freedom proponents who argued business owners should have the right to refuse services for gay and lesbian weddings.

Avakian's final order makes clear that serving potential customers equally trumps the Kleins' religious beliefs. Under Oregon law, businesses cannot discriminate or refuse service based on sexual orientation, just as they cannot turn customers away because of race, sex, disability, age or religion, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said in a news release.
The Klein's say they will appeal. But they'll likely never have to pay a penny due to a GoFundMe-style campaign launched by Franklin Graham.

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KANSAS: State Agencies Hold Back Marriage Recognition As Brownback Considers New Religious Liberty Bill

It's almost one full week after Obergefell and Kansas remains the lone purple holdout in Wikipedia's otherwise all-sapphire marriage map. Here's why, via the Kansas City Star:
Republican Gov. Sam Brownback said Thursday that he’s considering proposing a new religious objections law for Kansas following the U.S. Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage, and he defended his administration’s cautious response to the ruling. Same-sex couples can obtain marriage licenses in all 105 Kansas counties, but the state is not allowing gay and lesbian spouses to change their names on driver’s licenses, nor has it said whether couples can file joint income tax returns. The state has not extended coverage to gay spouses under its health insurance plan for government workers. The conservative governor said the state will move “as expeditiously as we can” to make changes, but he didn’t have a timetable. “You have to understand and get the mechanisms in place,” he told reporters. “We’ve had meetings with the attorney general, with the relevant Cabinet agencies. We want to make sure to do this right.” Asked whether he’d outline a proposal for legislators next year, Brownback said, “We’re looking at that.” Lawmakers are out of session for the year. “We want to make sure that people’s religious liberties are protected,” he said.
Last year's attempt to install a RFRA bill in Kansas failed to pass. (Tipped by JMG reader Adam)

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Obama Mocks GOP 2016 "Hunger Games"

"They’re going to be making a whole bunch of stuff up, and when I say a lot of stuff, I mean a lot of stuff. You know, we’ve got some healthy competition in the Democratic Party, but I’ve lost count on how many Republicans are running for this job. They’ll have enough for an actual Hunger Games. That is an interesting bunch." - Barack Obama, speaking today in Wisconsin. May the odd ever not be in their favor.

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Freedom To Marry Celebrates

Lovely. Who's the vocalist?

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White House: Obamacare Is Here To Stay

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TEXAS: Haters Rally For County Clerk Who Won't Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

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George Takei Raises Eyebrows With "Blackface" Comment About Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Via The Hill:
Actor and gay rights advocate George Takei is slamming Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after his dissent to last week's decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide claimed that the government can neither give nor take away human dignity. "He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry," the former "Star Trek" star said in an interview with Fox 10 this week in Phoenix, standing alongside his longtime partner and husband. "For him to say slaves had dignity ... I mean, doesn't he know slaves were chained? That they were whipped on the back?" Takei asked.

Dissenting in the 5-4 Supreme Court same-sex marriage case, Thomas, an African-American, reflected on the origins of human dignity within society, invoking the belief that humans have God-given "inherent worth." "That vision is the foundation upon which this Nation was built. The corollary of that principle is that human dignity cannot be taken away by the government. Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved," Thomas wrote. "Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them," Thomas wrote. "And those denied governmental benefits certainly do not lose their dignity because the government denies them those benefits. The government cannot bestow dignity, and it cannot take it away."

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Jim Obergefell Joins Twitter

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LOUISIANA: Done And Done

(Tipped by JMG reader TJ)

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TRAILER: Sharknado 3

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Whatcha Gonna Do NOW, Bobby?

Last night Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal ignored the rulings of SCOTUS and the Fifth Circuit Court, declaring that the state would not recognize same-sex marriages until the original ruling by the district court was rescinded. The Fifth Circuit gave that court until July 17th to act, but it did so today. From the ruling:
IT IS ORDERED that this Court's Order and Reasons and the accompanying Judgment dated September 3, 2014, are hereby recalled and rescinded; IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Article XII, Section 15 of the Louisiana Constitution, Article 89 of the Louisiana Civil Code, and laws enacted pursuant thereto, violate the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and may not be enforced against the Plaintiffs or any other same-sex couple; IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Article XII, Section 15 of the Louisiana Constitution, Article 3520(B) of the Louisiana Civil Code, and laws enacted pursuant thereto, violate the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and may not be enforced against the Plaintiffs or any other same-sex couple.

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REENACTMENT: Becky Wegner Rommel

Becky Wegner Rommel has just pulled down her hilarious and wildly viral SCOTUS meltdown, but we'll always have this reenactment by YouTuber Oscar Aydin.

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Todd Starnes Posts USA Tribute (With Music By Gay Communist Aaron Copland)

Presumably to celebrate the Fourth Of July, anti-gay activist Todd Starnes has posted a star-spangled Fox News tribute to the United States, recounting how preachers "prayed on bended knee, asking God to bless our land, to shed his grace on thee." Soundtracking the clip is Fanfare For The Common Man, which was composed by gay communist Aaron Copland. Bonus giggle: Copland was also an agnostic.

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Pastor Rick Wiles Renounces American Citizenship Over SCOTUS Marriage Ruling

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Quote Of The Day - Evan Wolfson

"I always believed we would win, but what a joy and relief it was when our victory came. As I read the Supreme Court opinion, as I followed the stories across the country of couples getting married, and as so many people wrote me with wonder, attaching pictures of their families, their kids, their weddings ... well, I cried and cried again.

"We won. We did it. The freedom to marry is now the law of the land throughout our whole country. At long last, loving and committed same-sex couples are able to share in the joy, the protections, the vocabulary, and the institution of marriage.

"We've been fighting this campaign for decades, and not a single step has come easily. To overcome the obstacles and to seize the opportunities, with stumbles and then successes, we built a machine that could guide and leverage a movement, driving a strategy — and machines take fuel. Without your support, this transformation and triumph would not have happened.

"And our win is America's win. Love won. We all did.

"Now — as Freedom to Marry prepares to wind down — we must remember that there's still much work to do in our own LGBT movement and in the broader movements we are part of.

"I am grateful to my incomparable Freedom to Marry team, our close movement colleagues, the entire family of supporters and partners in the work, our allies, and our country. How lucky we are to see our work rewarded with the change and victory we sought and deserved.

"All that's left is to say, with all my heart, is congratulations — mazel tov! — and thank you." - Freedom To Marry founder Evan Wolfson, via email.

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How Gay Men Used To Speak

I've long been fascinated with Polari, which I first learned about when I asked British friends about the title of Morrissey's 1990 album, Bona Drag, which means "nice outfit." From the clip recap:
Polari was a form of slang used by gay men in Britain prior to the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1967, used primarily as a coded way for them to discuss their experiences. It quickly fell out of use in the 70s, although several words entered mainstream English and are still used today.
The text of the clip is here.

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AUSTRALIA: Straight Allies Cover Their Ears During State-Mandated Anti-Gay Section Of Marriage Ceremony

In a gorgeous show of solidarity, some straight allies in Australia have taken to covering their ears during the state-mandated portion of wedding vows that explicitly note that marriage is only between a man and a woman.
Celebrants must tell the gathering: "Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life" - or words to that effect. Increasingly, couples and officiators are joining forces to register their displeasure at the law and its requirements. At Abbey and Mitchell Johnston's wedding in February, guests were asked to cover their ears when celebrant Alison Bartlett read out the offending passage. Mrs Johnston came up with the idea after being informed over Skype that Ms Bartlett would be legally required to make the pronouncement. "That just did not sit easy with me," she told Fairfax Media. "It's a matter of equality. I just can't believe we live in a country where it's OK not to have equal rights for everyone." All attendees at the intimate ceremony enthusiastically blocked their ears, Mrs Johnston said, although they were technically still able to hear the all-important dictum. And Ms Bartlett fulfilled all her statutory duties as a celebrant.
The anti-gay portion was added to the ceremony in 2004. According to the above-linked report, other demonstrations of support have included turning off microphones during that portion of the ceremony or coughing loudly to drown out the line. Some couples have opted to add a statement of support after the required portion has been recited. (Tipped by JMG reader Brenton)

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TRAILER: Steve Jobs

Wired recaps the new trailer:
So the first trailer for Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic didn’t really let Jobs himself speak, despite the fact that the movie contains dialogue by the ever-verbose Aaron Sorkin. Instead it focused on voiceovers from everyone else as a contemplative Steve Jobs stood on stage. This time around, however, Steve speaks. And as played by Michael Fassbender, he speaks very well. The actor was a strange choice for the Apple founder—let’s face it, they look almost nothing alike—but if this trailer shows anything, it’s that Fassbender is in this to win it. As is Seth Rogen, playing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Kate Winslet as Macintosh marketing head Joanna Hoffman. It’s still hard to tell if this flick, which follows three different Apple product launches, will actually be good, but at least now we know a little more about what it looks like.

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LOUSIANA: Bobby Jindal Blocks State Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage

SCOTUS has ruled, the Fifth Circuit has ruled, but Bobby Jindal just doesn't care.
Gov. Bobby Jindal delayed -- for the second time -- the recognition of same-sex marriage by the Louisiana state government on Wednesday evening. The governor refused to let Louisiana agencies acknowledge same-sex marriage following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling last Friday. At the time, he said he was waiting for a lower appeals court to affirm the U.S. Supreme Court's decision, before moving forward with same-sex marriage recognition in Louisiana. But now that the lower appeals court confirmed Louisiana's same-sex marriage ban has been overturned, Jindal has decided Louisiana same-sex couples need to wait for yet another court's decision. "Our agencies will follow the Louisiana Constitution until the District Court orders us otherwise," said Mike Reed, Jindal's spokesman in the governor's office.

In its opinion released Wednesday evening, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals made it clear that Louisiana's same-sex marriage ban no longer applies, though it technically sent a same-sex marriage case back to a U.S. District court for reversal. Jindal is saying the state government won't recognize same-sex marriage until the District Court issues its own decision. The appeals court gave the district court until until July 17 to make a new ruling, though it has encouraged the district court to do so earlier. One of the plaintiffs in the case, Robert Welles, is in declining health. "I wait every day for a phone call," said the 52-year-old Welles. "The way I see it, we started this thing in New Orleans, and we want to finish it in New Orleans." But Kyle Duncan, a lawyer working for Louisiana and the Jindal administration, said it makes sense for state agencies to wait to recognize same-sex marriage until the district court ruling. "The court made it crystal clear," he said. "It's when the district court renders final judgment."
You'd almost think that Jindal is hoping that the plaintiff will die before his marriage is recognized.

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Baylor University Drops Sexual Conduct Policy Reference To "Homosexual Acts"

Via the Waco Tribune:
Baylor University has dropped language in its sexual conduct policy specifically outlawing sexual relationships between same-sex partners, though the university does not appear to be endorsing gay and lesbian couples or sex outside of marriage. The university’s sexual misconduct policy previously listed “homosexual acts” among the sexually related conduct that could prompt disciplinary action, along with adultery, fornication, incest, sexual abuse, harassment and assault. But that clause is dropped under a new sexual conduct policy approved by Baylor’s Board of Regents at its last meeting. The policy now no longer outlines specific actions that would be considered violations. Instead, it simply states that, “Baylor will be guided by the biblical understanding that human sexuality is a gift from God and that physical sexual intimacy is to be expressed in the context of marital fidelity,” and that students, faculty and staff relationships should be consistent with that position.
Back in 2013 the school's student government voted to replace "homosexual acts" with "deviate sexual conduct." That change was vetoed by the student government president. (Tipped by JMG reader Rob)

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TEXAS: Attorney General Ken Paxton May Face Felony Securities Fraud Charge

Via the Dallas ABC affiliate:
The criminal investigation against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has taken a more serious turn, with special prosecutors now planning to present a first-degree felony securities fraud case against him to a Collin County grand jury, News 8 has learned. Special prosecutor Kent Schaffer told News 8 Wednesday afternoon that the Texas Rangers uncovered new evidence during the investigation that led to the securities fraud allegations against the sitting attorney general. "The Rangers went out to investigate one thing, and they came back with information on something else," Schaffer told News 8. "It's turned into something different than when they started."
The potential charges reportedly involve amounts "well in excess of $100,000."

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CALIFORNIA: AG Shoots Down Another Attempt By Gay Death Penalty Advocate

Yesterday California Attorney General Kamala Harris rejected another attempt to place the Sodomite Suppression Act on the 2016 ballot. This time Christian activist Matt McLaughlin tried a different angle.
In his first public comments since proposing the original “Sodomite Suppression Act” in February, Matt McLaughlin expressed outrage that Harris’ office, which is charged with preparing ballot measures, summarily dismissed his latest offering, the “Sodomite Suppression Mandate.” “What I’m proposing is not murder,” McLaughlin said in a telephone interview with The Sacramento Bee. “I’m proposing the laws as they’ve ever been. The Bible doesn’t change.” McLaughlin said he purposely didn’t defend his first ballot proposal, a statute law, when Harris asked a judge for permission to keep it from the ballot. He said he devised his second as a constitutional amendment, which he thought she would have to clear for signature gathering. McLaughlin said that for centuries, homosexuality was a crime, often punishable by death, but as gays and lesbians won legal and political battles for their rights, “I feel mine were attacked. I’m a Bible believer.” Christian supporters of gay rights have noted that Jesus never spoke about homosexuality.
McLaughlin says he is considering a lawsuit against Harris.

JMG reader Mike points us to what appears to be McLaughlin's blog. From the current top post:
Harris’ office wants to pretend that she doesn’t even have to consider the brand new initiative I filed – she unilaterally claims the right to apply the court’s default judgment regarding the “Sodomite Suppression Act” to the new “Sodomite Suppression Mandate” initiative proposal that was filed on June 24. Of course, that is blatantly dishonest. The first initiative only sought to change the Penal Code, but the second one seeks to amend the state’s constitution – that makes them radically different proposals. The dishonesty of this slippery lawyer Kamala Harris can be compared to her obtaining a default judgment to repossess your car, and then she brings it your front door and tries to use it to foreclose on your home.
This seems to be McLaughlin's 1988 yearbook photo.

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Time Travel With Charisma News

Remember back in 2013 when wingnut media went nuts about two street preachers being "brutally beaten by a gay mob" at Seattle Pride? Remember how it turned out that the preachers were actually attacked by a 29-times arrested drunk heterosexual multiple felon who was in the park with his wife and baby? Remember how it turned out that the attack was stopped by nearby gays? Well, those pesky details and the fact that the incident happened two years ago mean nothing to the anti-gay team at Charisma News, who are running the 2013 story by Todd Starnes this week as "breaking news." Because SCOTUS, probably.

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UTAH: LDS Donates To LGBT Center

The Mormon Church has made its first-ever donation to an LGBT organization. Ben Winslow reports for Salt Lake City's Fox affiliate:
The LDS Church quietly made a $2,500 donation to the non-profit Utah Pride Center to help its efforts with LGBT homeless and youth. The money, coming in the form of access to the Bishop’s Storehouse, will provide food for those in need, the Utah Pride Center told FOX 13. In a grant letter, the LDS Church wrote: “We are grateful to be able to serve your efforts in this worthy project and appreciate the work that you and others are doing related to this initiative.” The LDS Church declined to comment beyond what it wrote in that letter, a spokesman told FOX 13. Members of the Utah Pride Center were thrilled with the donation. “The Utah Pride Center is grateful for the church’s help in our efforts to provide food for those in our community who are in need,” said the center’s board president, Kent Frogley, in a statement.
The donation did not comes as a surprise as the group had applied for the grant.

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Pam Geller Sues DC Metro

Via the right wing Daily Caller:
Activist and blogger Pamela Geller is suing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority after the agency refused to run her ads with a drawing of the prophet Muhammad on public transportation in the District of Columbia. On May 20, Geller submitted her ad to WMATA to be placed on buses and in train stations throughout the city, but about a week later the agency announced it would no longer accept “issue-oriented advertising.” At the time, a spokesman for WMATA told The Daily Caller News Foundation the decision to ban issue-oriented ads was not related to any particular organization, but Geller believes it was an attempt to block her right to speak freely. “It’s an end run around the first amendment,” Geller said in an email. “… [and] Public safety has been thrown in for good measure as if these craven quislings know what is conducive to the public good.” In the lawsuit, Geller, along with her non-profit organization American Freedom Defense Initiative, claims WMATA violated her First Amendment rights by refusing to run her ad.
Geller has fought similar battles against transit agencies in New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

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Matt Baume: Worst Marriage Reactions

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