Sunday, December 21, 2014

FLORIDA: Some County Clerks Dig In Their Heels On Issuing Marriage Licenses

From the above-linked article:
For the counties that comprise the 4th Judicial Circuit, there will be no policy change Jan. 6. Duval County Clerk of Court Ronnie Fussell was not available for comment, but his office issued a statement saying it would not issue same-sex marriage licenses “until a binding order is issued by a court of proper jurisdiction.” Justin Horan, general counsel for the Clay County clerk of court, said the office will abide by the position endorsed by the state association. He said it will be “business as usual” on Jan. 6. The Nassau County clerk’s office also will be following the advice from the association, with no change in policy until a binding order is issued from a proper jurisdiction or Florida amends its constitution, said spokeswoman Liz Rodriguez. “It’s our responsibility to follow the law. We will not be issuing licenses for same-sex couples,” she said.
Florida's 67 counties are divided into 20 judicial circuits, some of which comprise up to six counties each.

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WATCH: Darlene Love's Last Letterman

On Friday night Darlene Love closed out a three-decade run of performing her holiday classic on The Late Show. Via Rolling Stone:
The tradition began in 1986 when Love first performed "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" on Letterman's Late Night program on NBC, and while a small four-piece band backed the "He's a Rebel" singer for that rendition, the size of the performances have increased throughout the years, with 2014's version of the 1963 Christmas favorite one of the largest ensembles yet: Nearly a dozen backup singers, strings, a horn section and Love – still sounding as vibrant as she did in 1986 – all recreating the track's Wall of Sound production. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer delivers her penultimate verse atop band leader Paul Shaffer's piano and stays up for the remainder of the segment. The move was triumphant, poignant and strategic: Love would later reveal to the New York Times that she hopped up there to avoid embracing Letterman during the performance, because she was concerned she'd break down in tears; the two just shake hands instead.
Love says that she'll never perform the song on TV again.

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Castro: US Must Respect Our Communism

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TEXAS: Pastors Unite In Campaign To Repeal Plano's LGBT Rights Ordinance

A coalition of the Texas pastors has launched a website in support of the campaign to place a repeal of Plano's LGBT rights ordinance to a public vote.
Under Plano's new "Equal Rights Ordinance" (ERO) anything any business owner or employee says or does to another person regarding the person's gender, sexuality, or "identity" may be a CRIME. Plano now CRIMINALIZES Christians', Jews', Muslims', and others' beliefs about men and women. City bureaucrats will determine whether citizens' statements and actions are "unjust". This policy subjects citizens to CRIMINAL SANCTIONS for our beliefs on topics affecting much of human interaction and is a direct threat to our freedoms of both speech and religion! Help us repeal this ordinance by adding your signature to the petition.
As I noted on the day after the ordinance's passage, Plano's bill is one of the weakest bits of LGBT rights protections we've yet seen. The ordinance contains major loopholes for Christian business owners and no added protections for trans citizens at all. But even this tepid bill is too much for local haters.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

TRAILER: My Husband's Not Gay

Via The Wrap   
TLC will air a special in January called “My Husband’s Not Gay” that follows four men living in Salt Lake City, Utah, who don’t identify themselves as homosexual despite having an attraction to men. The show focuses on three married couples: Jeff and Tanya, Pret and Megan, and Curtis and Tera. Joining the cast is 35-year-old Tom, the bachelor of the group who enjoys fishing and baseball andserved as a missionary in Long Beach. All cast members are devout Mormons belonging to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The special will follow the cast as they navigate life while explaining to outsiders their unique marriages. “I get a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay,” one wife says in the debut trailer.

(Tipped by JMG reader Lulu)

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Glenn Beck: I'm Not Crazy

Via Mediaite:
Glenn Beck is not crazy. That’s why, last night, he acted out a whole scenario in which he’s a 90-year-old man in the year 2054 proving just how not-crazy he is. Beck got makeup and hair to make him look like a feeble old man, 40 years in the future, where (I’m guessing, it’s never directly said) progressives have turned the United States into some kind of authoritarian hellhole where chips are implanted into your arms and good, honest people like Beck have been forced underground. Beck starts out the bit by saying, “My name is Glenn Beck. I used to be somebody. I don’t really remember quite who, except I was American.”
The full deranged 20 minutes is at the above link. Below Right Wing Watch provides a three-minute excerpt, which is almost three minutes more than you need.

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Madonna Releases Six New Tracks

Via Rolling Stone:
Madonna hadn't planned on releasing her 13th album, Rebel Heart, until spring 2015. But leakers had other plans for the Queen of Pop's follow-up to 2012's MDNA, unleashing early mixes of 13 tracks onto the Internet this week. In response, Madonna has put six official versions of the songs up for sale on iTunes and other digital music retailers, effective immediately. More music will be available February 9th, and the full album will be released the first week of March via Interscope. "I was hoping to release my new single 'Living for Love' on Valentine's Day with the rest of the album coming in the spring," she said in a statement. "I would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating. Please consider these six songs as an early Christmas gift."
One of the new tracks is a duet with Nicki Minaj titled Bitch, I'm Madonna. You can find rips of all six singles on YouTube. Below is the only one posted so far to Madonna's official channel.

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Matt Barber: I've Left The GOP

"I am no longer a Republican. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and their Democrat-lite, RINO Republican establishment have seen to that. They have betrayed their own constituents. They have actively turned against the American people – the very voters who granted them power to do good. Even before the gavel has sounded on the Republican-led 114th Congress, these treacherous cowards shamelessly, eagerly, it seems, squandered perhaps the one opportunity they had to stop, in his tracks, America’s first cultural Marxist, anti-American, palpably evil president. I don’t know what kind of dirt Barack Obama and his NSA-KGB have on John Boehner, but within a week of the elections it became abundantly clear that the GOP would betray us.

"Republicans have, without batting an eye, and in the face of overwhelming bipartisan opposition from the electorate, funded executive amnesty, paid for Obamacare in all its abortion-mandating, economy-killing, freedom-trampling infamy, and otherwise approved every radical, unconstitutional and tyrannical dictate these statists have rammed down our throats. If, for instance, some squishy, Karl Rove-approved RINO like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or Mitt Romney once again finagles the GOP nomination in 2016, I will not only reject him, I will actively oppose him – even if it means President Hillary Clinton." - Hate group leader Matt Barber, writing for World Net Daily.

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Marilyn Manson - Deep Six

Recap via Stereogum:
The video for Marilyn Manson’s crunching, seething new single “Deep Six” is about an undulating CGI black worm with Marilyn Manson’s face. Or maybe it’s about an undulating CGI black worm who swallows Marilyn Manson. Either explanation seems plausible. Also, that worm swallows a woman who doesn’t have any nipples. That’s pretty much all you need to know to figure out whether you should watch this strange and possibly upsetting video.

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Some Analysis On Florida

Via Chris Johnson at Washington Blade:
The refusal from the Supreme Court to stay same-sex marriages in Florida is noteworthy because although justices have denied similar requests to halt same-sex marriages in Alaska, Idaho, South Carolina and Kansas, they’ve never done so before in a state where a federal appeals court has yet to rule on the issue. The decision with regard to Florida could be a sign the Supreme Court is ready to rule in favor of nationwide marriage equality no matter what the federal appeals courts decide in the interim.
From Chris Geidner at Buzzfeed:
While the decision from the Supreme Court has no bearing, technically, on the issue of whether marriage ban such as Florida’s are constitutional, it does show a growing comfort with the justices to allowing same-sex couples to marry before they themselves have resolved the issue definitively. A year ago, when same-sex couples began marrying in Utah, for example, the Supreme Court weighed in a few weeks after the marriages started — issuing a stay while the appeals court considered the issue. Now, less than a year later, only two justices announced that they would have granted Florida’s stay request.
Now we begin the battle with the county clerks.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Key West Bartenders Celebrate!

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Pam Bondi Has The Florida Sadz

"Tonight, the United States Supreme Court denied the State’s request for a stay in the case before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Regardless of the ruling it has always been our goal to have uniformity throughout Florida until the final resolution of the numerous challenges to the voter-approved constitutional amendment on marriage. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court has now spoken, and the stay will end on Jan. 5." - Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, via press release.

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BREAKING: Florida! Florida! Florida!

UPDATE: I just spoke with Key West plaintiff Aaron Huntsman: "I'm so thrilled to have been part of the process that hopefully has ended marriage inequality in Florida once and for all."

UPDATE II: The ACLU reacts via press release.
This is a thrilling day for all Florida families. As we explained to the Court, every day that the ban remains in place, couples are suffering real harms. We are grateful that the Court recognized that, and that as a result, those days are finally coming to an end. Now that the last-ditch efforts of Governor Scott and Pam Bondi to delay implementation of Judge Hinkle’s ruling have failed, we turn our focus to marriage equality coming to Florida. The nation’s highest court has now given its blessing to marriage going forward in Florida. Those who were waiting for the Supreme Court to weigh in have gotten exactly what they asked for. We expect public officials in all of Florida’s 67 counties to understand the significance of this development and look forward to full implementation of Judge Hinkle’s decision across our state.

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Key West Winners

William Jones (left) and Aaron Huntsman are the Key West bartenders whose marriage equality lawsuit against Monroe County was the first of five wins in Florida, earning them grand marshal titles in this year's Fantasy Fest Parade, the first "political" selection in the event's history. Jones and Huntsman dropped in at the Island House this afternoon for an interview with me and South Florida Gay News writer Tony Adams. Look for Tony's interview online and in print on Wednesday. My piece will appear in the 2015 issue of Pride Magazine, by which time we'll hopefully have a final resolution on Florida marriage - if not the entire national shebang.

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Conchita Wurst To Host Eurovision 2015

Via Pink News:
It has been announced this week that Conchita Wurst will make a return to the contest in Vienna – as a presenter. The singer was confirmed as host for the Green Room segment of the show, interviewing the current acts. She will be joined by an all-female presenting team, with Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer taking up the main hosting roles during the event. The drag star is also expected to reprise her previous winner’s song, Rise Like a Phoenix, during the Grand Final, as is tradition for Eurovision. Kathrin Zechner of broadcaster ORF said: "[Conchita] won the contest with her personality, voice and song for Austria. She did not take the first but the most powerful Austrian step in the fight for self-determination and respect in Europe and the world."
As upset as the hater nations were about Conchita performing her one song, you can expect some real screaming about this hosting gig.

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Warwick Rowers Holiday Singalong

I suspect you won't mind the singing.

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Pastor Rick Wiles: Russia Will Nuke The United States Over Gay Rights

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Wiles says God will destroy America and the survivors will be the "slaves of sodomites." Wiles says ebola could solve "America's problem with gays and atheists." Last year he declared that MSNBC viewers are "demon-possessed fans of the anti-Christ." And then there was that time he declared that God sent a plague of locusts to Egypt because Obama.

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FBI: North Korea Definitely Did The Hack

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Who Is The Horse's Ass Of 2014?

People For The American Way and its affiliate Right Wing Watch invite your votes for the 2014 Equine Posterior Achievement Award. We can think of oh-so-many write-in candidates: Brian Brown, Scott Lively, Porno Pete, Mat Staver, Matt Barber, Tony Perkins, Josh Duggar, Linda Harvey, Phylis Schlafly, Monica Cole, Christopher Doyle, Franklin Graham, Austin Ruse, and on and on and on. How to choose, how to choose.

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GOP Bickers Publicly Over Cuba

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Last Christmas (I Gayview Mahat)

The Wham classic. Lyrics via Facebook names.

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Tired Old Queen At The Movies #128

Clip recap:
Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant and a brilliant cast ring in the season in George Cukor’s HOLIDAY (1938). Adapted by Donald Ogden Stewart and Sidney Buchman from the play by Philip Barry, it deals with an unconventional young man (Grant) who wishes to marry into a wealthy family without sacrificing his ideals. He meets a comrade in the feisty sister of his fiancé (Hepburn) and her alcoholic brother Lew Ayres, in a brilliant performance. As always, Grant and Hepburn sparkle together. The dialogue is sophisticated, witty and the message as relevant today as it was when it was made. From all of us at Tired Old Queen at the Movies have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a lovely “Holiday”.

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Porno Pete: Walmart Is Incentivizing Its Employees To Become Gay & Transgender

Porno Pete is ever so pissed that Walmart gave some dough to the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund. From a press release published by Christian Newswire:
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is alerting the nation to Walmart's increasing capitulation to the homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda-and is calling on Americans to urge Walmart to stop promoting homosexuality and gender confusion (transgenderism) with its corporate dollars. TAKE ACTION: Call Walmart's headquarters at 479-273-4000 or use their Contact Page to politely express your concerns about Walmart "going gay" and turning its back on godly morality and traditional marriage. "During the Christmas season, we should focus on honoring God and His Son, Jesus, who came to earth to die for our sins," said AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera. "Walmart has done much good in the world - but celebrating politically correct sins - homosexuality and transsexuality -only dishonors God and incentivizes Walmart's own workers to embrace immoral and confused behavior patterns in their lives. Walmart needs to get out of the sin promotion business and at least return to neutrality on the homosexual/transgender issue," LaBarbera said.
Walmart has a 90% rating from the Human Rights Campaign.

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Tom Goss - Festivus

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Poland Rejects Civil Unions

By a vote of 235-185, Polish lawmakers have rejected placing a civil unions bill on the agenda for the coming legislative session. This is the third consecutive year that such an action was rejected. The 2013 attempt to pass a civil partnerships bill failed to advance by 17 votes.

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Feds Announce Trans Protections

Via the Associated Press:
The Justice Department is now interpreting federal law to explicitly prohibit workplace discrimination against transgender people, according to a memo released Thursday by Attorney General Eric Holder. That means the Justice Department will be able to bring legal claims on behalf of people who say they've been discriminated against by state and local public employers based on sex identity. In defending lawsuits, the federal government also will no longer take the position that Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, which bans sex discrimination, does not protect against workplace discrimination on the basis of gender status.
Holder's announcement reaffirms the position taken two years ago by the EEOC.

UPDATE: Closeted homosexual Matt Drudge is handling the story in his usual fashion.

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Willie Robertson: People Might Be Born Gay But Jesus Can Totally Still Fix Them

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BOSTON: Obama Calls Into Public Radio Show, Chats With Gov. Deval Patrick

Yesterday President Obama surprised Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick by calling into the governor's monthly Boston Public Radio show. "Uh, Governor, this is Barack Obama, formerly of Somerville. I've got a few complaints about service in and around the neighborhood, but I've moved down South since that time..."

(Tipped by JMG reader Daddy Ray)

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CHINA: Court Orders "Ex-Gay" Torture Clinic To Pay Compensation To Victim

In the first-ever such ruling in Chinese history, a court has ordered an "ex-gay" torture clinic to pay compensation to one of its victims. Via the Wall Street Journal:
“We’re incredibly happy,” said Yang Teng, the plaintiff in the case. Mr. Yang earlier told China Real Time (which previously quoted him using the pseudonym Xiao Zhen) that staff at a clinic in the southwestern city of Chongqing told him they could cure his homosexuality, then put him in a state of light hypnosis and shocked him with electrodes every time he thought of gay sex. “In her decision, the judge said that homosexuality is not a disease, therefore the clinic had no basis to undertake treatment,” he said. Mr. Yang said the court had ordered the clinic, Chongqing Jinyu Piaoxiang, to pay him 3,500 yuan ($563) in compensation. It also required the clinic to post an apology for offering the treatment on the front page of its website for 48 hours and ordered an investigation whether the clinic’s license was valid.
Chinese search engine giant Baidu was also named in the suit, but the court ruled that it could not be held liable for running ads for the torture clinics. Those ads have since been removed and a spokesman for Baidu commented on the ruling: "We’re very glad to see justice served, and we share the opinion that unqualified therapy must be very vigilantly regulated. We hope Yang Teng will find some comfort in the court’s ruling."

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Liberace: The Hologram Show

Via the Hollywood Reporter:
In partnership with the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, Hologram USA reported that it has started work on a hologram-like version of the famous entertainer for a feature-length live show that be would staged in such a way that "Liberace" would be able to interact with the audience. “This is a major step in the evolution of this medium for entertainment,” Hologram USA CEO Alki David said in a statement. “With our partners at the Liberace Foundation we’ll be able to stage a show so lifelike — the room will be filled with all of the great singer’s charm and charisma.” Hologram USA was responsible for the recent appearance of a virtual Jimmy Kimmel, and said it holds the North American license for the system that was used to place a virtual Tupac at Coachella in 2012.
After a launch in Las Vegas, the show is expected to tour worldwide.

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AUSTRALIA: Grieving Partner Of Murdered Hero Cafe Manager Speaks Out

Via Australian television:
Siege victim Tori Johnson's partner has thanked Australia and the world for the outpouring of support for the family that has come in the wake of the Martin Place tragedy. Thomas Zinn read an emotional statement directly to viewers on the TODAY Show this morning, speaking of the family's pride in the strength of the community. "As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family," he said. "We are experiencing unimaginable grief but when we look at the sea of flowers with all the heartfelt messages, and the crowds of supports at Martin Place, we know this grief is shared by the country and the rest of the world." He extended particular thanks to the police and emergency services who worked tirelessly to resolve the siege and supported the family during those horrible hours. He also offered Mr Johnson's family's love to the family of the other siege victim, barrister Katrina Dawson.
Johnson's father speaks in the final clip below. The "sea of flowers" at the site of the murders will be composted and used as part of the landscaping for a planned memorial.

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Morning View - Island House

All is quiet at this early hour at the Island House. As usual there are some JMG readers here this week: two self-proclaimed "flying monkeys" from Minneapolis, Mike from Atlanta, Russ from Manhattan, and a boisterous bear couple from Surrey, England. Say hello, boys!

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Epic Stephen Colbert Finale

Stephen Colbert said goodbye to his long-running Comedy Central show last night with an epic star-studded group singalong of We'll Meet Again. Joining Colbert were Jon Stewart, Henry Kissinger, Katie Couric, Cory Booker, Andrew Sullivan, Alan Alda, Andy Cohen, George Lucas, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Brokaw, Bill Clinton, and about a hundred other folks whom you'll likely recognize.

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